Chidinma Okeke Sex Tape Scandal: Miss Anambra 2015 Claims Pageant Organizers Forced Her To Record Explicit Video

Chidinma Okeke Sex Tape Scandal: Miss Anambra 2015 Claims Pageant Organizers Forced Her To Record Explicit Video

Chidinma Okeke is adding a new strange twist to her sex tape saga, with the Miss Anambra 2015 claiming that the organizers of the beauty pageant were actually the ones who forced her to make the explicit videos.

The 20-year-old beauty queen has been in the center of an extended drama in Nigeria, with a sex tape being released last month that showed her with another woman. The video led to an initial denial from Okeke, but she later claimed that someone had blackmailed her and even threatened her life.

Chidinma Okeke has a new allegation regarding the sex tape, telling The Nation that she was told the video was a requirement of the pageant, which is run by the Abia State Broadcasting Service.

“But one Jane told me that before a winner would be declared, there were certain things to be done, including the (sex) video. I consented after some persuasion from the organizers,” she said (via the Daily Post). “I later went for the contest at the Marble Arch Hotels in Awka, and I was declared winner with a Kia Rio vehicle as star prize.”

But Chidinma Okeke claimed that she refused to sign an extended contract with ABS, at which point the pageant officials threatened to release the sex tape.

“At that point, I became uncomfortable and signed the contract to avoid such embarrassment, and the car was released to me from where it was packed within the premises of ABS,” she claimed. “From that moment, I became a slave to them. On October 11, 2016, they called me to come and make presentations inside the office of one the organizers. After that, the man excused some people in that room and showed me the video again.”

Okeke’s father has also spoken out, claiming that his daughter was taken in by powerful people.

“Chidinma is a small girl who does not know anything, hence, she fell into a trap that was too heavy for her to shoulder,” he said. “But I thank God she is recovering.”

Chidinma’s father had previously hinted that his daughter may have gone missing as the drama was unfolding, but later clarified that she was indeed safe.

The Abia State Broadcasting service responded quickly to Chidinma Okeke’s claims, with director Uche Nworah denying that the pageant organizers had anything to do with the video’s release. He said that Okeke may have fallen victim to con men who told her the video would help her win the pageant, GhanaWeb reported.

There had initially been reports that police arrested Okeke’s blackmailers, though police later contested these reports.

The Anambra Broadcasting Service had already released a statement claiming the organization had nothing to do with it, Nworah said.

Nworah went on to hint that the Chidinma Okeke sex tape scandal could be part of a larger plot to discredit the ABS.

“There appears to be an agenda to push falsehood to the public and in so doing malign me and the Anambra Broadcasting Service over a matter that we know nothing about. It appears that our silence over the matter, except the press statement we issued earlier is now being exploited by those who are bent on using the Miss Anambra sex scandal to settle political scores in Anambra state.

“It would also appear that Miss Chidinma Okeke has become a pawn in a larger politically motivated conspiracy.”

Whatever the cause of the scandal, it appears the release of the sex tape has had a major effect on Chidinma Okeke. Aside from being stripped of her crown as Miss Anambra 2015, she has also faced growing criticism from across Nigeria and even calls for police to arrest her for committing lesbian acts.

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