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WWE News: Former TNA Star Wants To Join WWE’s Cruiserweight Division, And Doesn’t Know Where TNA Went Wrong

WWE brought back their cruiserweight division within the last couple of months, and it has already brought about a lot of attention. Names like The Brian Kendrick, TJ Perkins, Kalisto, and others have been fighting for the newly-reinstated championship. Now, there is a former TNA star and current Global Force Wrestling (GFW) talent that would love to be a part of it and really thinks he could do a lot for the division.

Sonjay Dutt was a huge part of TNA and their extremely exciting X-Division, which saw some of the best talent in the world compete against one another. He stayed with the company from 2003 until 2009, and had a couple of other runs with the company before landing with Global Force Wrestling in 2015.

Sports Keeda interviewed Dutt about what he’s been up to in the world of wrestling, and how things are going for him.

wwe news tna sonjay dutt cruiserweight division
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It’s no big surprise that Sonjay Dutt has wanted to work for WWE as it is the level that all wrestlers eventually want to get to. A number of Dutt’s former TNA X-division opponents and allies have made it to WWE and are now competing in the reformed cruiserweight division, but would he want to be a part of it?

“Absolutely. With the cruiserweight division beginning, I know I could be an asset.”

Sonjay Dutt could indeed be an extremely valuable asset to the WWE cruiserweight division, which needs more veterans in it. He was a breath of fresh air at times in the TNA X-division, as he competed with the likes of Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal, Christopher Daniels, and Chris Sabin.

There have been a lot of troubles in TNA Impact Wrestling over the years and it has really become ugly as of late, due to Billy Corgan facing off with the company. SPIN reported that Corgan did resolve his dispute with TNA, but that doesn’t mean all of the problems are gone.

Dutt has been paying close attention to what is going on in TNA and he doesn’t quite understand it either.

“I’ve been keeping abreast of the situation and I can only say that it’s quite sad what things have come to due to obvious poor decision making. I think we could be here all day trying to analyze exactly what went wrong.”

Currently, Dutt is the NEX*GEN Champion in Global Force Wrestling, after having won the title in November of last year. He took the title off of PJ Black and has since successfully defended it twice over the last year.

wwe news tna sonjay dutt cruiserweight division gfw
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He’s hopeful that GFW will eventually get a network television deal, as he has been proud at what the company has been doing. Dutt’s hope is that “2017 becomes a very big year for GFW,” but that doesn’t mean he’s ever against signing a deal with WWE if the opportunity were to come along.

Some may think that Sonjay Dutt is too old to compete in the WWE cruiserweight division, but the current champion (The Brian Kendrick) is 37 years old. Others, such as Lince Dorado, Drew Gulak, and Rich Swann are all in their 20s, but the first two champions (Kendrick and TJ Perkins) since the title returned are in their 30s.

wwe news tna sonjay dutt cruiserweight division brian kendrick
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Sonjay Dutt has been in the world of professional wrestling for more than 16 years now, and he has competed in TNA, GFW, and all around the world, but he has never been a part of WWE. With the cruiserweight division making its return, Dutt could very well contribute in a big way and compete with the likes of Noam Dar, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado, and others. Now, the only thing is for him to get a contract with WWE.

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