Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo

NFL Rumors: Tony Romo Content With Being Backup Quarterback For Dallas Cowboys

One of the biggest stories brewing in the NFL this season has been the impending quarterback controversy with the Dallas Cowboys. Fourth round rookie Dak Prescott has been playing like a veteran and winning a lot of games. Tony Romo is set to be healthy enough to return to the field. A collision course has been much discussed over the past couple of weeks. Romo, though, is said to be content with being a backup for the Cowboys, as reported by CBS Sports.

Stephen Jones seems to be very adept at public relations. The Dallas Cowboys vice president tried to squash any controversy by telling the media that Tony Romo is a professional who is willing to do what is best for the team. He stated that his quarterback is one of the most competitive players in the entire NFL, but he is more interested in doing what is best for the sake of winning.

For all of his flaws, Tony Romo does not seem to be someone that would let his ego ruin what is a really good situation for the Dallas Cowboys right now. The team is currently sitting on a 7-1 record, which is the best in the NFC. That means that the formula that the Cowboys started the season with is working out pretty well.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott [Image by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images]

There are talks that the Dallas Cowboys have contemplated using a system where both Dak Prescott and Tony Romo are both utilized as quarterbacks during the same game. Though the dual quarterback system rarely ever works in the NFL, some believe that this might be the best solution for the Cowboys because of the situation that they are in. However, many still believe that Dallas should simply go with the hot hand in Prescott.

This is the first time this season that Tony Romo has been a full participant in practice on a Wednesday and Thursday practice. The Dallas Cowboys are still proclaiming that the veteran quarterback might not be active for the game on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the team could easily make a change before the game takes place.

Regardless of what the Dallas Cowboys decide to do with Tony Romo, head coach Jason Garrett has his other plan already in place. The team had already prepped for the Pittsburgh Steelers without their usual starting quarterback being available for the game.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez [Image by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images]

The current plan in place involves Dak Prescott continuing to be the starter. That is something that a good amount of Dallas Cowboys have been wanting to see because the rookie has shown that he is capable of leading the team to victories. His backup will be Mark Sanchez. The veteran should only be on the field if something really good or something really bad happens.

Eventually, though, the Dallas Cowboys will need to address the situation with Tony Romo.

There is an unwritten rule in the NFL where players are not supposed to lose their starting position because of an injury. Once they recover, a lot of coaches show their version of loyalty by handing them their starting spot back. Before the season started, everyone simply assumed that Tony Romo would be under center for the Dallas Cowboys halfway through the season again.

That was before Dak Prescott decided to complicate things by showing greatness and potential. Many fans view him as the quarterback of the future for the Dallas Cowboys. Some view him as the quarterback of the present.

Having too many starting caliber quarterbacks seems to be a good problem to have in the NFL.

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