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‘Live By Night’ Trailer Casts Ben Affleck As A Vile Gangster, Even As He Plays Nice With Jennifer Garner [Video]

America has a passion for stories of organized crime, and the latest film hoping to feed that hunger comes courtesy of Ben Affleck, who had a big hand in creating Live by Night, the latest organized crime thriller to grace the big screen. Affleck does star in the film, playing lead antihero, Joe Coughlin, but that’s just the beginning of Ben’s involvement in Live by Night. The actor also took on the role of director, and if that wasn’t enough, Affleck also co-wrote the screenplay, which was adapted from the 2013 hit novel from author Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone). As Warner Bros. drops a new trailer for Live by Night, Affleck opens up about wearing more than a gangster’s hat in telling this high-octane action film.

Live By Night Crime Boss Ben Affleck Talks About Recreating The Prohibition Era

"I went away a soldier. I came home an outlaw." #BenAffleck #LiveByNight

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In talking to People, Ben Affleck reveals he has been interested in creating a film within the crime drama genre for some time, but adds that nothing struck a chord with him, until Leonardo DiCaprio sent him a copy of Dennis Lehane’s Live by Night. Affleck says he’s a big fan of old Hollywood and has spent much of his free time binging on the classic gangster films of bygone eras. Upon reading Live by Night, Ben says he was instantly transported back to that golden age and envisioned a live action adaptation of the novel as a way of paying tribute to those gangster films of the past.

While Live by Night certainly has that potential, Ben says it’s also a story that is as relevant to today as it might have been in those past eras. Affleck points to the movie’s themes as being timeless in connecting with society.

“It has big themes like redemption, betrayal and true love,” says the Live by Night director.

As timeless as Live by Night is, Mr. Affleck admits to feeling a certain fascination with recreating the society of 1920s America.

“The most fun was coming to work in another world,” says Affleck. “Seeing the room fill up with extras in these period clothes and just feeling transported.”

Ben chose to take on the lead role in Live by Night, because he felt a strong connection to the character of Joe Coughlin. He says much of the story is wrapped up in Joe’s psyche and in how he perceives the world around him. Affleck says that exploring that mentality was as intriguing to him as recreating the historic period in which the film is set.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Still Stir Gossip As A Couple

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Even though Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have remained friendly throughout their separation, their fans and critics often jump to conclusions anytime the pair is seen out together. As Entertainment Tonight reports, another such outing again stirred interest, as Ben and Jennifer hit the voting polls together. Spotted in Brentwood, California, after casting their ballots in the 2016 presidential elections, Affleck and Garner wore matching “I voted” stickers, as they walked away from the polling station.

Both actors were dressed casually. Ben wore a plaid, button down shirt with dark grey pants, while Ms. Garner was dressed in a black sweatshirt that matched her yoga pants.

Like many separated Hollywood couples, Garner and Mr. Affleck have said that they remain friendly in an effort to maintain a balanced home life for their children. As parents, it’s important to Ben and Jennifer that their separation as a couple doesn’t negatively impact the lives of 10-year-old Violet, 7-year-old Seraphina, and 4-year-old son Samuel.

“We do our best,” said Affleck of his and Garner’s parenting efforts. “We try our best.”

Live by Night, starring Ben Affleck, Zoe Saldana, and Elle Fanning, opens in theaters on January 13, 2017.

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