Prince Harry's girlfriend benevolent like Harry

Kate Middleton Envious Of Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend?

Prince Harry, who has long been living the single life, has found himself a new lady, and she certainly is impressive not only due to her abilities on set, but also because Meghan Markle is a notable humanitarian. The beauty, who royal fans are comparing to Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa, for their similarities in appearance, is now said to be a bit of a rival for the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton.

Reasons for this said rivalry have to do with the fact that Kate has stepped up in the past two years to demonstrate how benevolent she is by supporting local charities and becoming an advocate for those suffering from mental health issues. She, her husband, and Prince Harry also initiated the #HeadTogether campaign that helps to break the stigma that is often attached to mental health ailments.

Rumor has it that Markle’s list of humanitarian efforts are quite extensive, and although any good deed directed at benefiting those in need should be praised, the claims are being made that Middleton feels threatened by Markle’s impact. Headline Global News shares about Kate’s rumored worries after having been labelled “Lazy Kate” for years leading up to her latest efforts.

“In her blog,, Meghan talks about her humanitarian contributions at a refugee camp in Rwanda. She writes: ‘I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches – I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works. And this type of work is what feeds my soul, and fuels my purpose. Guiding my heart through the swinging pendulum from excess to lack of access is sometimes challenging.’ She also added several photos from her trip.”

Observers of Markle share that the actress’ humanitarian efforts and her clear benevolent spirit is the perfect match for Prince Harry who is viewed in a similar light lately. The new couple is said to have more of a social awareness that Prince William and Duchess Kate are lacking.

The publication shares the contrast that is being made between Markle and Middleton. Terms used to describe Markle include “caring, compassionate, intelligent, and articulate.” Although critics are saying that Kate is also all of these things, Meghan reportedly outdoes the Duchess.

The publication suggests that should Middleton be left without a magnifying glass on her, she would revert to being “Lazy Kate,” and is said to simply at present follow the schedule set for her by the royals without doing too much more. It’s stated that if she was allowed to, she would likely step out of the spotlight entirely.

As Vanity Fair suggests, however, the two beauties have quite a bit of other things in common, such as their love for acting, although Markle has made more success out of it than Kate. Kate and Markle are also both fashionistas, but this is perhaps where Middleton takes the cake. The Duchess always dazzles. The two are each stunning and prove that beauties can be sporty as well seeing as both Middleton and Markle enjoy playing sports at times.

As for Middleton’s reported rivalry with Markle, this is likely just one more rumor for the Duchess to slough off, seeing as Kate Middleton has more than proved herself as a benevolent and hard-working woman through her efforts towards numerous charities while still maintaining her elegance and charm at royal affairs as well as raising two adorable little ones, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. It is impossible to outright compare Markle and Middleton as they are from two entirely different backgrounds, with only royalty connecting them.

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