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WWE News: WWE Superstar Becky Lynch Talks About The Possibility Of Turning Heel In The Near Future

WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch may be a massively popular good girl in WWE today, but those times could come to an end as she sees the dark side. Somebody cue the Star Wars music, wait we don’t have a license for that, never mind. In any case, Lynch has been extremely good since she arrived in WWE. Of course she was always seen as that third tier girl, never number one or number two.

This was because the fans loved Sasha Banks, but the company loved Charlotte Flair. Due to the fans and company liking one main girl, it was tough to get chances. WWE did try to avoid a Banks/Flair clash for quite some time and put Charlotte with Lynch as well as Paige for a while so that they could avoid any singles competition with Sasha and Charlotte for a bit.

With Charlotte being the top heel and Banks being the top babyface in the women’s division, Lynch was on the outside looking in. Then the WWE Draft happened and this allowed Becky Lynch to stand out and even win the SmackDown Live Women’s Title. She is the first and only champion in the title’s short history thus far, but she has been impressive since she won the title.

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She did have a medical scare before WWE No Mercy happened, where she was supposed to face Alexa Bliss. However, she did recover and successfully defended her title against Bliss just this past week when the WWE happened to be in Glasgow, Scotland. This was not a big jump from her native Ireland. Lynch is known for being a popular babyface character, or good girl. She is the master of corny jokes and comes off as down to Earth. Fans love her due to her infectious personality as well as her tremendous wrestling ability.

The question is, would WWE ever pull the heel trigger on Becky again. She initially began her big run in WWE NXT with Sasha Banks as a heel, but eventually would turn into a babyface and has been there since. The possibility of a heel turn has been unlikely, but Becky Lynch did lay out how it could occur when speaking with this past week. When asked about if she wanted to turn, she said…

“Oh, 100 per cent. And [I’ll do it] when people least expect it! Mostly for social media: Twitter or Instagram becomes so much more fun when you can be boastful and say whatever you want. You can be so full of yourself and ridiculous when you’re a heel. And if I’m ever going to feud with Bayley again, you couldn’t have her be the heel. Actually, I would love to see Bayley heel though. Wouldn’t that be funny. What would she do? Kick puppies? I don’t know!”

Many treat her similar to AJ Styles and even Jeff Hardy. Most thought neither man could really be believable heels for years. It took a very long time for anyone to even consider a Hardy turn, but when he did turn in TNA Wrestling, his dark character became very popular and one that fans of Hardy believe was some of his best work. Sadly, he was also still suffering with drug abuse during this time but would eventually get clean later.

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Meanwhile AJ had experienced heel times but was never a successful one for years. Finally his darker turn toward the end of his TNA time made him very fun to see. Eventually he would go to New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he was a fantastic heel. Sometimes you just need a real chance to show people how good you can be. Obviously a Becky Lynch heel turn is not really needed right now, but that does not mean it could not occur.

The division has two true heels, and that is Carmella and Alexa Bliss. The rest are babyfaces or really unaligned. If Lynch were to turn, she could get some of the younger girls over and possibly herself in the process. The issue is depth. Due to the brand split, and Sasha Banks mentioned this recently, the depth in the division for both shows is low. Many think that WWE will bring a lot more NXT talent up next year and the women’s tournament will also bring in a lot of women.

Hopefully this time next year, there will be more than enough women where Becky Lynch isn’t wrestling a lot of the same people on a daily basis. Maybe then a heel turn could be a lot more likely than it is right now. This is mainly due to the fact that there would be enough faces to counter the loss of one of the top faces at that time. That said, expect a heel turn maybe next year when the division is stacked up again.

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