Fake Jinger Duggar Trolls Wedding Planners — No, She Doesn’t Have Social Media

Fake social media accounts for Jinger Duggar have been tricking viewers for a while now, but perhaps one account hit a new record this week by tricking Jinger’s own wedding planner! Duggar fans have been warned more than once: there are a lot of fakes out there, and very few official accounts. Still, major events in Duggar life — like Josh’s police reports being released to the public and Jinger marrying former soccer star Jeremy Vuolo — send fans scouring social media anew and usually, this means someone mistaking another fake account for a real one.

Last Saturday, November 5, Jinger wed her fiance Jeremy Vuolo. The Monday after, Wendy Rivera, who runs a shop called Ava Laurenne Bride, shared a photo on Instagram. In the image, Rivera and Jinger smile side by side, and Rivera captured it with credit to other partners in the planning and execution of the event.

Soon, though, a comment that appeared to be from Jinger would send fans, who were already avidly watching the shop owner’s account for more photos, swarming to the fake Duggar’s page.

The post came from an account named “Jinger Nicole [Duggar] Vuolo” and simply read the following.

“[Wendy,] thank you for everything you’ve done for us.”

Rivera added legitimacy for viewers by responding in kind.

“It was a pleasure and a joy, sweet [Jinger]!! Your wedding was elegant perfection, and I hope you soaked every bit of it up:). Many blessings to you and Jeremy!”

The account, which is presumably run by a fan, amassed a few thousand followers — a drop in the bucket compared to the million who follow the official Duggar Family account, or the more than 1.5 million following each Jill and Jessa, but a better-than-fair number for a role-play or troll account.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo fake account trolls wedding planner
[Image by Wendy Rivera/Instagram]

Another Instagram user warned Rivera of her error, but by then, the real Jinger had spoken to her and warned her.

Jinger Duggar gets an instagram?
[Image by Wendy Rivera/Instagram]
Fake Jinger Duggar account trolls all
[Image by Britton Felber/Instagram]

“jpuser0: [Wendy,] that’s not the real Jinger lol
wendy_l_rivera: Yup, found that out yesterday!lol! Jinger was like, yup nope that’s not me”

The same account added commentary on the Instagram accounts of other entities involved in the wedding, including photographers.

However, since it isn’t the first time that a Duggar has been impersonated on social media, the family has already stepped up to answer the question.

Almost two years ago, they posted this.

Because some ppl were wondering…
None of us have secondary accounts.
This is it.

They also noted a way to check on any future Duggar social media accounts: check whether the known official Duggar accounts are following them.

The official Duggar Family account follows a total of 25 other Instagram accounts. The full list is here. Aside from Jill, Jessa, Josiah, Derick, Ben, and Anna (Josh Duggar’s account was deleted a while back), these include some members of the Bates family (another large reality-show family associated with the Bill Gothard movement), some of the extended in-laws, and Governor Mike Huckabee.

More importantly, they do not include any accounts for Jinger (under either the name Duggar or Vuolo) or for Jeremy Vuolo.

The account in question has been posting photos for a little over two months. Typically Duggar kids (or adults) who aren’t either married or in a serious relationship do not have social media accounts. (Josiah Duggar created one upon his courtship and essentially abandoned it when his courtship ended.) Jinger has been engaged since July, so perhaps she could have made social media accounts at that time if she chose, but if she has any at this point, they are still private and closed to viewing audiences.

Jeremy and Jinger do have a shared website telling their story, but at this time, the Instagram link on the site is only connected to the same Duggar Family account.

[Featured Image by TLC/YouTube]