Post Election Hate Crimes In Donald Trump's Name

Experts Say Post-Election Hate Crimes Are Worse Than 9/11, Donald Trump Says Nothing

Donald Trump has gotten his Twitter back after his phone was taken from him right before the election according to Fortune Magazine. But his most recent tweet may be upsetting to some Americans, who have reportedly been experiencing post-election hate crimes that experts are saying are worse than 9/11 reports USA Today.

Donald Trump’s most recent tweet says, “This will prove to be a great time in the lives of ALL Americans. We will unite and we will win, win, win!”

But, multiple media outlets are saying that many Americans are neither feeling united nor like their life is a great time right now, as disenfranchised minorities are experiencing post-election hate crimes that experts are saying are worse than post-9/11 according to USA Today. USA Today also says their experts say, these hate crimes are “not in anyone’s imagination.”

USA Today has spoken to two different groups that track the harassment and hate crimes, and one representative said the rise in hate crimes since the elections is worse than what took place after 2001 terror attacks on America. Shaun King, senior justice writer at New York Daily News, has been documenting some horrific events happening to Americans.

USA Today says they have spoken with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in Montgomery, Alabama. President Richard Cohen says this.

“Since the election, we’ve seen a big uptick in incidents of vandalism, threats, intimidation, spurred by the rhetoric surrounding Mr. Trump’s election. The white supremacists out there are celebrating his victory and many are feeling their oats.”

On Friday, the University of Pennsylvania was forced to issue a statement saying that it was working to find the sources of some hate crimes happening on campus. USA Today reports that in Columbus, Ohio, a man banged on a window that a Muslim woman was driving and called her a “C—T” telling her that she did not belong in the country.

Latino children, as well as African American children, were reportedly told to get to the back of a bus, and many more frightening incidents have occurred in America since Donald Trump became President-elect. He has said nothing about any of this but has tweeted that this time will prove to be a great time for Americans.

Shaun King documented a woman wearing a hijab in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who was almost hit by a car. She was told this was “Trump’s America now.” A friend that witnessed the incident posted on Facebook, “I can’t stop crying.”

USA Today says the SPLC has tracked more than 200 hate crimes complaints since the election. The reports are anti-black, anti-immigrant, and anti-Muslim in nature. Communications Director for the Council of American Islamic Relations told USA Today on Friday that, “It’s kind of a very tense time for the American Muslim community and people are really anxious about the future. I would call it a spike but it’s too early to quantify.”

The Jewish community in American cities all over the country has also been targeted.

The BBC has also documented what they call are credible accounts of hate crimes. One report was of a woman in a hijab who was approached by a man wearing a Trump shirt in a library, he physically touched her and tried to push her hijab back. She told the BBC the following.

“I told him that he has every right to believe what he wants and he can say whatever he wants but as soon as he puts his hands on me, then things get serious. He then walked away saying, ‘I’m going to sit down before you throw a grenade at me.'”

BBC says they have found a number of documented and credible accounts of hate crimes. They report on swastikas painted on many buildings in Philadelphia and Wellsville, New York. A San Diego student was mugged and had her car stolen reportedly after getting comments from someone that were anti-Muslim in nature.

The response from the public has been horrified, and Donald Trump, whose name many of the hate crimes are reportedly in, says nothing. A Change Org petition has been started calling on the President-elect to condemn the hate crimes happening in his name. It currently has over eight thousand signatures.

The people are not happy he has not spoken but to tweet condemnation of the protests of the election, and to say this will prove to be a great time for ALL Americans.

USA Today says that any members of any group that feel they are the victim of hate crime can contact local police or the SPLC. Cornell Law says that hate crimes fall under the federal criminal code and are punishable by up to 10 years prison time, and in severe cases, the death penalty.

Under this federal law, hate crimes are defined as offenses “involving actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin” and cause bodily injury, or aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill. Vandalism also is a criminal act.

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