Trump Assassination Threats

Trump Assassination Threats: Tweet Of 45th President Being Assassinated Gets Reporter Fired — More #AssassinateTrump Death Talk Floods Twitter, Facebook

With some people still dealing with the shock that Donald Trump is now President-elect Trump, reactions are flooding social media in a myriad of ways. One dark avenue certain folks are taking, according to the New York Post, is to use their Twitter and Facebook accounts to joke about Trump being assassinated — not a smart move to levy assassination threats against President-elect Trump.

Any assassination threats against Trump via social media or elsewhere will be investigated if they are considered to be credible calls for Trump to be assassinated. Trump fans are already taking it upon themselves to tag the CIA, Secret Service, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security in such assassination threats.

As reported by RT, a UK journalist lost her job when she used her Twitter account to write that it was “about time for a presidential assassination.” Monisha Rajesh has now done what folks joke about others doing — having deleted her own Twitter account — after Rajesh’s joke about Trump being assassinated caused the writer for the Guardian and Telegraph to be fired — or at least be called a one-time “infrequent contributor” by the Guardian, according to The Sun.

Some of the people writing about Trump potentially being assassinated are being reported to the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security, as seen in the above reply to Monisha’s threatening tweet.

Others are realizing that Trump being assassinated would mean that Mike Pence would become the 45th president of the U.S. — an option that is being called one that wouldn’t make the nation any better. And yet, a search for Trump assassination on Twitter proves the stories about Trump keep flowing into social media.

Trump assassination
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Astute Twitter users note that William McKinley, who was President No. 25 of the U.S., was shot and killed on September 6, 1901.

As reported by the History Channel, President No. 35 of the U.S. — John Fitzgerald Kennedy, better known as JFK — was also assassinated during a famous parade through Dallas, Texas, in the open-top convertible that can be seen over and over again in repeated footage.

Since Trump is poised to be President No. 45 of the U.S., some people are likening the fact that with Presidents Nos. 25 and 35 having been assassinated, Trump’s fate could be similar. However, many of the reports coming in to Facebook under the “Trump assassination” are ones about famous folks who’ve been foolish enough not to realize the gravity of calling for President-elect Trump’s assassination publicly — along with private citizens who have also done the same, taking it lightly to joke about Trump being assassinated on Twitter or Facebook.

Trump assassinated
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Meanwhile, certain folks are already imagining aloud what a world following a Trump assassination would look like. It is already being imagined that with President-elect Trump dead after being assassinated, a Civil War could break out due to strained racial relations. Others are noting that after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., called for everyone to come together, he was assassinated.

With certain people calling for both Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence to be assassinated, a hashtag called #AssassinateTrump even popped up online. Some of the comments flowing into social media about Trump assassination threats can be read below.

“Hey . A responsible CEO would post something about how your company is dealing with all these threats.”

“If you see something, say something. activity should be screenshotted and reported accordingly. Don’t assume it’s in jest.”

“Democrats, hint: Before MLK was assassinated, he wanted ALL people to come together in working class solidarity. This is why Trump won.”

“Just think about it, if Trump get assassinated…. There goes the next Civil War.”

“I really hope Trump doesn’t get assassinated because Pence is about 100 times worse and we already have our hands full no thnx.”

“Secret Service is going to be busy investigating every threat. Liberals are going to find out what real Law & Order means.”

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