Bernie Sanders' 2020 run could be against Kanye West, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama

Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Run Not Ruled Out — Could He Be Up Against Hillary Clinton, Kanye West, And Michelle Obama?

Bernie Sanders could run in 2020, it turns out. After having lost his footing against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, it seems he’s willing to give it another chance. Could he succeed a second time?

Technically, if Sanders could run twice, so could Hillary. Losing an election doesn’t mean you can’t try again in four years unless your party won. Even then, her husband Bill had been President of the United States for eight years starting in 1992. Four terms later, Hillary attempted to come back as the first female President in history.

As young Americans have shown after Clinton’s defeat this year, the election of Donald Trump was due to the Electoral College, not the popular vote. The way it works for now is that voters aren’t directly voting for a candidate: They’re selecting a member of the Electoral College to vote for them. In this way, states like California, Texas, New York, and Florida don’t determine the President all by themselves due to a higher population count.

Of course, California citizens have shown a serious dislike for this fact, threatening secession from the United States if Trump isn’t impeached before he’s even had a chance to utter a word as the official President.

In 2020, the Democrats will once again have a chance to take back the White House. If half of what protesters believe about Donald Trump is true, it could happen. If he surprises us and actually improves the nation … it remains to be seen.

Hillary Clinton would probably be the first choice of many Democrats, hoping for a second chance to get a woman in charge and continue the possibility of progress in politics. Of course, a more likely candidate, according to Telegraph, would be Elizabeth Warren. Clinton could easily just not want to try again, having been barely defeated after being such a popular candidate the first time.

Bernie Sanders has stated that he’s ready for another turn in 2020, having been one of the top choices as a Democratic hopeful already. He was already a popular write-in candidate in 2016, for those who weren’t trying (for once) to get a third party candidate into the White House. A recent statement on Twitter suggests that if Donald Trump takes his anger out on minorities, Sanders could be his worst nightmare in the next election.

Bernie’s wife denies him actually planning on trying again, saying that she’ll see what happens when 2020 comes, says CNN.

“He’s concerned about our Muslim population in feeling great fear right now. We’re hoping that President-elect Trump will give them a reason to not feel that any more. … [He’s] concerned about the fact that people are hurting, that the water systems in Flint are still not repaired. [What] happens in 2020 will happen in 2020.”

Interestingly enough, Kanye West was one of the first potential candidates the public wanted to run against Donald Trump. Despite the fact that his own antics have rivaled those of Trump, he announced at the 2015 VMAs that he was going to run for the White House. It’s unknown how much he was simply joking to get media coverage, though his wife Kim Kardashian later stated he was serious.

Kanye may be a celebrity, but that didn’t stop Donald Trump, or former President Ronald Reagan, from doing the same, and winning. It would certainly bring a whole new audience to Keeping Up with the Kardashians if he does, as he’s legally one of them now.

President Obama’s popularity among the black community could also lead to Michelle Obama running in 2020. However, Celebuzz reports Michelle as saying, “[It’s] time. I think our democracy has it exactly right: two terms, eight years. It’s enough.” It may have been a slight dig at Hillary Clinton, whose husband spent the same time as hers did, but it’s not likely she meant it that way.

Who do you think would oppose Trump in 2020?

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