Indiana toddler found in shallow grave

Indiana Toddler Found In Shallow Grave – Babysitter Arrested

A man from Warsaw, Indiana has been arrested with a preliminary charge of murder in connection to the death of his girlfriend’s toddler who he was allegedly babysitting. Police discovered the toddler buried in a shallow grave in the backyard of the babysitters’ brother’s home.

It was just before 10:30 p.m. on Thursday night when Warsaw, Indiana police were called to the home located at #53 EMS C17 Lane on Big Chapman Lake. The original call was regarding a custody complaint. According to 29-year-old Christopher A. Grimmett, he was the babysitter for his girlfriend’s toddler when his girlfriend’s maternal grandmother arrived at the home to pick up the toddler.

According to NBC4, it didn’t take long for the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department to quickly debunk the story the boyfriend, who was serving as the toddler’s babysitter, told. Once the police were certain Christopher A. Grimmett was not telling the truth about the grandmother coming to pick up the Indiana toddler, police quickly backtracked the babysitter’s path on Thursday night to determine what happened to the missing toddler. More importantly, the police wanted to know why the babysitter was lying about what happened to the toddler.

Following the path the babysitter had taken that day led the police officers to his brother’s home located at 1835 Sue Avenue on the west side of Warsaw, Indiana. It was revealed to police officers that the babysitter had been there earlier in the afternoon with his girlfriend’s toddler. Once the police were at the home, it didn’t take too long for them to find the missing Indiana toddler.

It was at the boyfriends’ brother’s home that the police made a gruesome discovery and finally learned what had happened to the Indiana toddler. In the backyard of the brother’s home, police discovered a very shallow grave where the body of the Indiana toddler had been buried.

The Kosciusko County Coroner was called out to the scene to recover the Indiana toddler’s body from the shallow grave. At this time, the cause of death of the Indiana toddler is currently unknown as the investigation is still pending an autopsy. Both scene technicians and a major crimes task force was called to the scene to help with the investigation.

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Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Chad Hill revealed that the babysitter (and boyfriend) admitted to investigators that he killed the toddler of his girlfriend. He then led investigators to the shallow grave the toddler was buried in. Inside the home, investigators were able to find evidence to corroborate the story the boyfriend/babysitter told the investigators during the interview. Chad Hill, however, did not reveal exactly what the evidence was that police recovered.

The babysitter is currently being held on a prosecutorial hold for murder in the Kosciusko County Jail. It has also come to light that this man from Warsaw, Indiana does not have a very clean record. He has previous convictions for resisting arrest, drugs, and battery via bodily waste according to his court records. His court records also revealed that he is currently in a custody battle for his own children.

Toddler from Indiana found in shallow grave
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