Alien on planet Mercury

Gigantic 3.4-Mile Alien ‘Doorway’ To Underground UFO Base On Mercury: NASA Rarely Talks About This Planet Because They Don’t Want You To See ET Structures On It, Alien Hunters Say

UFO conspiracy theorists have announced a spectacular space anomaly “discovery.” A gigantic 3.4 mile doorway, allegedly an entrance to a massive underground alien UFO base was spotted on planet Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun in our solar system.

Alien hunters claim that massive artificial structures on Mercury that provide undeniable evidence of the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence explain why NASA rarely talks about the planet. According to conspiracy theorists, NASA and government don’t want you to see evidence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence in our solar system.

The alleged structure, located close to a 26-mile crater on Mercury’s Victoria Rupes Cliffs, was first spotted in 2012 by the notorious alien hunter Scott C. Waring in a photo of the planet’s surface captured by NASA’s Messenger probe.

Doorway on Mercury
Alien hunters spot doorway to underground UFO base on Mercury [Image by NASA/UFO Sightings Daily]

Waring reported the sighting on his weird UFO Sightings Daily blog in November 2012.

“I was looking over some Mercury photos and found this unusual black doorway,” Waring wrote in a November 17, 2012 post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog. “It is long and rectangular in shape with four almost perfect right-angled corners.”

“Unless meteor cubes are pummeling planets, this seems to be made by ancient aliens,” he added.

Alien UFO doorway on Mercury
Doorway to alien UFO base on Mercury is located near a 26-mile crater [Image by NASA/UFO Sightings Daily]

Waring described the alleged doorway as a portal for alien spacecraft flying in and out of a massive underground UFO base on Mercury. He estimated the alleged doorway to be more than three miles long.

“That is a giant doorway for giant ships to travel through.”

Revisiting Waring’s strange discovery in a video uploaded to YouTube on November 8, 2016, alien hunter Secureteam10 described it as a “black rectangular structure” spotted in a photo of the surface of Mercury.

Although Waring declared that the structure was a three-and-a-half-mile long entrance to an underground alien base, Secureteam10 suggested, after studying the image and taking note of various clues, that the structure could be a massive alien-built rectangular monolith rather than a doorway to an underground alien base.

According to Glockner, careful observation of the photo, including the shadows cast on the walls of craters visible in the photo, suggests that the rectangular structure was the dark shadow cast the by a solid towering structure on the planet.

“I took a really good look and it became clear to me that this is not an entrance at all,” Secureteam10 narrator Tyler Glockner commented, according to the Daily Mail. “In fact, it’s something much more magnificent.”

“This black rectangle is a shadow,” he continued. “So then you ask, where’s the shadow coming from, and what is casting such a large, long shadow?”

“That, my friends, is a large, long rectangular object, a monolith-looking structure towering up above the surface,” Glockenr concluded, according to the Mirror. “Whatever this object is, it has to be miles-high.”

“What we have here is a very tall, rectangular object… that is standing up over the surface, casting this perfect shadow.”

A tower on an alien planet
An artificial towering structure on an alien planet [Image by diversepixel/Shutterstock]

Glockner assured viewers that he was certain that the structure was a shadow cast by a miles-high monolith-like structure erected on the surface of the planet because after years of studying images of space anomalies he knows “how shadows work as well as [how] natural formations react to the sunlight.”

“As you guys are seeing, this is clearly a large rectangular building, the top and front of it is being hit by the sun, the back of the structure is in darkness and we have this very long shadow being cast down on the surface behind it,” he said.

According to Glockner, the image reveals the reason why NASA scientists rarely talk about Mercury: They do not want to draw public attention to the glaring evidence of massive and extensive artificial structures on the planet’s surface that prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

The planet Mercury
The planet Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and the smallest in our solar system [Image by Vadim Sadovsky/Shutterstock]

“There has been a question of whether there is a reason why planets like Mercury are rarely spoken about,” Glockner commented, “and that maybe that’s because they don’t want anyone’s attention focusing on [them].”

The suggestion that NASA is aware of the existence of gigantic artificial structures on Mercury but has kept silent about it sparked anger among enthusiasts on UFO forums.

“Question for everyone: Why do you really think the government agency hides these things from us.”

“So they don’t lose control over regular people’s lives.”

“Because it would make religion obsolete.”

The conflicting theories about the mysterious structure on Mercury presented by Waring and Secureteam10 also sparked debates.

Alien enthusiasts who supported Waring’s “doorway” theory argued that harsh conditions on Mercury with temperatures as high as 427°C (800°F) and as low as -173°C (-280°F), means that it is likely that alien colonists on Mercury would construct climate-controlled underground facilities rather than erect miles-high towering structures.

But other enthusiasts contributed personal opinions about what the structure might be.

One viewer suggested it was built by an alien race called the Vex.

“It’s the Vex and they’ve been on Mercury, Venus and Mars for billions of years. They travel through time and space in an instant,” the viewer said.

“It’s either an obsidian monolith or a metal hatch with the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 engraved on it,” another suggested.

“[It is an] ancient Mercurian monolith to protect large areas of population from intense direct sunlight,” a third alien hunter said.

“It’s the new Trump Tower,” one viewer suggested tongue-in-cheek. “[He] put it on mercury so it would look bigger by comparison.”

[Featured Image by Vadim Sadovsky/Shutterstock]