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Lindsay Lohan Planning To Get A Restraining Order Against Her Father

Lindsay Lohan is planning on getting a restraining order against her father, Michael, after he staged a failed intervention at her house earlier this week.

According to TMZ, Lohan is furious about the incident and now wants to take legal action to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. The gossip site reports that Lohan is flying to New York this week to meet with the rest of her family to talk about the potential restraining order.

Michael Lohan brought several people to the celebrity’s home earlier this week in an attempt to stage an intervention. Lohan ended up calling the police who escorted her father off of her property. Contact Music reports that Josh Chunn, who claims that he is dating Lohan, was at the actress’ home during the intervention attempt. Chunn said that it’s been hard for Lohan to focus because she’s surrounded by so many distractions.

Chunn said:

”I’ve been trying to get Lindsay to focus. But how do you get her to focus with all the stuff going on around her? I can barely focus. She’s a strong girl. She’s cleaning up. I just want her to be OK… I think I’m the best influence on her. The deal is she is surrounded by a bunch of f**k-ups. ‘I’m there for Lindsay. I listen. I work hard for my money. I pay my own bill when we go out. I have a schedule. That’s the problem with these kids in L.A., they don’t have a schedule. All they want to do is party.”

Lohan, however, denied that she had a boyfriend.

Are you a fan of Lindsay Lohan? Do you think she should get a restraining order against her father?