Amy Bruni and Adam Berry star in TLC's Kindred Spirits

‘Kindred Spirits’ Paranormal Investigators Amy Bruni And Adam Berry Take On An Intense And Emotional Case [Mild Spoilers]

For most people, their home is a place of safety, security, and comfort. Home is a gathering place for family members at the end of a busy day, a place to reconnect, and to wind down. For some families however, there may be family members in the home that aren’t supposed to be there, and that’s where Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from Kindred Spirits come in.

According to NewzBreaker, Amy and Adam are two of the country’s most experienced, leading paranormal investigators. Their goal on Kindred Spirits is to capture evidence, guide the spirits into the light, and bring closure to each family that they work with. This daring Kindred Spirits duo has an impressive resume between them, having investigated thousands of paranormal locations, and they are now reaching out to families that are being terrorized in their own homes. Whether the frightening paranormal activity is originating from a deceased family member that is simply trying to reach out, or whether it is something much more ominous and threatening, Amy and Adam have dedicated themselves to finding the answers and bringing families some peace and closure on Kindred Spirits.

So far on this season of Kindred Spirits, Amy and Adam have pulled out all the stops in order to aid families in their understanding of what is going on and in the process, they have helped them to reclaim their homes and their lives. On the next episode of Kindred Spirits titled “The Basement,” Amy and Adam may face their most intense and emotional investigation yet. Basements can be spooky even when no paranormal activity is present, but no one will go down in a basement apartment after a family member was murdered there in 1995. Family members report seeing shadow figures, objects are manipulated, and a child in the family encountered a “scary man” in the closet.

Paranormal activity has been reported in the home for over 35 years, and this will be a difficult case for Adam and Amy. They will have to determine who is causing the activity, and if there is more than one spirit inhabiting the home. After interviewing the homeowner, Linda, who has been in the home since 1974, they discover that there was activity before her brother passed. She tells them that the paranormal activity has slowly ramped up until it is an everyday occurrence.

She goes on to explain to Amy and Adam that shadow figures are seen going in and out of the bedrooms upstairs, and that her husband once saw a dark figure standing over her and touching her face while she was sleeping. This is a presence that Linda believes is different and not her brother, and is one that scares her. She explains on Kindred Spirits that she isn’t able to fully enjoy her home and refuses to go downstairs, and she would like to know for her own peace of mind and for her family exactly what is going on in her home.

Once Amy and Adam set up for their first night of investigating on Kindred Spirits using advanced, cutting-edge paranormal gadgets and techniques, they immediately begin getting activity and responses to their questions. TLC shared a preview clip on Kindred Spirits of one the new devices they used, as well as an impressive and revealing EVP (electronic voice phenomena) response they received. Red Carpet Crash also shared a preview video of Kindred Spirits that shows Amy interviewing the young girl who saw the apparition in the closet. What she tells Amy would send shivers down anyone’s spine.

As their search continues on Kindred Spirits, Amy and Adam are able to gather enough research and evidence that provides the family with some much needed answers to the mystery surrounding the activity in the home. Although Amy and Adam have a good idea of what is occurring, viewers will have to tune in to Kindred Spirits to see if Linda is willing or able to go downstairs and reclaim that part of her home.

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