Alicia Keys in new "Girl on Fire" video

New Alicia Keys ‘Girl On Fire’ Video Plays With 50s Aesthetic And … Empowers Domesticity?

Alicia Keys has debuted a new 1950s style video for her girl-power anthem “Girl on Fire,” and you can watch it below.

Keys has been busy promoting her new album Girl on Fire (from which the single take sits name), having recently tweeted the track listing. In the video, which the singer just released, we see a stylish Keys caring for an elder relative, entertaining kids, fixing meals, paying bills, and spending quality time with her significant other. Though the song’s lyrics qualify the song as an ode to feminine power, the 50s-style video plays domestic, creating an interesting artistic dichotomy.

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Christopher John Farley opines that making 21st century domesticity sexy is “an intriguing move for a pop-soul star.” Perez Hilton was much more openly receptive of the video, saying, “We ADORE those raw, sensual vocals! And this video is SUPER cute, it even features Alicia getting down with some Matilda-type magical tricks!”

Though gold-medal winning gymnast Gabby Douglas and rapper Nicki Minaj don’t have cameos in this version of the video, the cinematography of the clip and the overall style make up for their absence.

Here’s Alicia Keys’ tweet, showing the track listing for Girl on Fire:

And now, without further ado, the video for “Girl on Fire.” Let us know what you think in the comments below. Are you an Alicia Keys fan? What do you think of the video?