Christina Hendricks full interview

Christina Hendricks Talks Sex Appeal, Starting A Family, And Whiskey

Christina Hendricks is no stranger to sex symbol status. Though in recent interviews she has been reluctant to address it, she is frequently counted among Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses. However, the Mad Men star is much more than looks, and addressed such topics in a recent interview.

Sitting down with MSN’s Wonderwall, Hendricks discussed her newest role as the face of Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky, what it’s like to work with heartthrob Ryan Gosling, Hollywood sex appeal, and why she wants to wait to have a family.

On whether or not she enjoys whiskey, Hendricks admitted:

“When I started dating my husband, he drank Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks, and I would sip his. I thought it was just sexy. I think I was intrigued by it years ago, but I was sort of intimidated by how to order it. I was worried I would seem uncool if I didn’t know how to order it right.”

Hendricks played a bit role opposite Ryan Gosling in 2011s Drive, and is starring in the actor’s directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster:

“I’m super-excited and completely honored that [Ryan] asked me to do it. He’s calling it a fantasy noir, and I think that best describes it. So I’m gonna use his phrase on that!” Hendricks continued, “I haven’t worked with him as a director yet, but thus far, I just know he’s incredibly passionate. The preparation, the work that he’s already done even though we’re months away, is incredible, and the imagery that he has set and music he has set is already incredible.”

On her red carpet fashion philosophy and sex appeal, the actress revealed:

“Be yourself. Pick what you love. Don’t listen to other people. Just really stay true to yourself.”

On whether or not she’ll be starting a family anytime soon with husband Geoffrey Arend (Body of Proof), Hendricks expressed reluctance:

“I don’t think it’s for me. Don’t think it’s for me. I love kids, and my friends are all having babies right now. I get to enjoy them and be a fun auntie, but my husband and I are happy with just the two of us right now.”

You can get the full, exclusive interview at MSN. Are you a fan of Christina Hendricks?