Jason Pinkston Blood Clots: Cleveland Browns Starting Guard Hospitalized With Life-Threatening Condition

Cleveland Browns left guard Jason Pinkston will likely miss the remainder of the season after he was diagnosed with blood clot in his lung earlier this week.

According to CBS Sports, Pinkston was taken to the emergency room Thursday, and after doctors discovered the clot, he was transferred to the Cleveland Clinic where he’s been treated aggressively with blood thinners.

“I’ll head this off before you get around to asking it. Jason Pinkston, doctors determined, we found this week that he has a blood clot,” Browns coach Pat Shurmur said after the team’s practice on Friday. “He’s going to miss this week’s game. We’ll determine through the week if it’s going to be an extended period of time, but he won’t play this week.”

Pinkston, a fifth-round pick in the 2011 draft, also confirmed the blood clot in a tweet, adding that he had much to be thankful for despite being hospitalized.

“The news is true I’ve been hospitalized with blood clots in my lungs,” Pinkston tweeted. “[I’m] very thankful our medical staff did a great job of taking action and catching it at an early stage. It’s obviously clear I won’t be playing for some time, but more importantly I’m thankful to be alive.”

Prior to being sidelined with the blood clot, the 25-year-old Pinkston had started 22 consecutive games at left guard but had complained of feeling ill in the Browns’ last few outings.

“He’s definitely been struggling with something for a couiple of weeks, so there obviously a concern just to find out what was going on,” left tackle Joe Thomas told NBC Sports. “Hopefully they’ve got it under control and are able to help him start feeling better here shortly. He’s definitely in our thoughts and we’ll definitely keep him in our thoughts as long as he’s out.”

John Greco is expected to get the start in place of Pinkston.