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Black Friday Deals: Shopping Alerts Website Offers Cash Back Rewards Program

Black Friday is quickly approaching. Bargain hunters do not need to wait until the last minute to scour the internet and newspaper fliers searching the best deals. The day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday shopping ads are already popping up on the BlackFriday.Com website. In addition to the typical announcements about hot gifts and coupon codes, the shopping website also boasts a cash back rewards program.

Shoppers must sign up with the website before gaining access to the cash back program. The registration is free and takes only mere seconds. Facebook users can opt to sign up for BlackFriday.Com ad alerts and the cash back rewards program via their online social networking account.

More than 1,000 stores are reportedly participating in the online rewards program this year. The shopping alerts website has been recognized by a plethora of major news networks, magazines, and newspapers. The website’s companion Facebook page had more than 797,000 fans before more than a month before the biggest shopping day of the year.

Shopping requirements and cash back percentages appear to vary widely by store. According to program details, shoppers simply visit the website, enter their email address and then shop at one of the participating stores just as they normally would. After the retailers pay the website a commission, a payment is processed to the shopper.

The website had this to say about their holiday shopping offerings:

“Since 2006, we have helped millions of shoppers view the popular Black Friday ads in one central location and all without having to wait for the Sunday paper! Numerous ads are organized for you in an easy to read format featuring unbelievable deals. We will now be serving you all year round, bringing you the best deals from thousands of retailers.”

Posted Black Friday cash back offers includes up to 2 percent on Walmart purchases, up to 3 percent from Kohl’s and Best Buy and up to 4 percent cash back from Dell. By clicking on the thumbnail for each retailer, shoppers will discover all the details and exclusions related to each cash back offer.