Danica Patrick Could Be Out At Go Daddy

Danica Patrick Could Be Out At Go Daddy

Danica Patrick could be out as the spokeswoman for Go Daddy.

Speculation from the website’s advertising firm says that Go Daddy is thinking about releasing Danica Patrick from her contract to sponsor the site.

USA Today Sports reported that Go Daddy’s decision to hire New York advertising agency Deutsch Inc. to produce its 30-second Super Bowl spots could signal the end for Danica Patrick, who has reportedly lost traction with the company. Since 2005 Go Daddy had been doing its own advertisements, ESPN noted.

Despite the speculation, Go Daddy released a statement that Danica Patrick remained a “valuable asset” to the company.

“Danica is a valued asset to our organization,” Go Daddy chief marketing officer Rechterman told ESPN. “We have each grown our brands together with great success. We plan to continue with Danica for years to come.”

Go Daddy executives still had good things to say about Danica Patrick as well.

“We have had measurable success with Danica, no doubt about it,” Go Daddy founder and vociferous Patrick benefactor Bob Parsons said. “When you think about our new definition of ‘sexy’ as success, ambition and a drive to succeed with an online presence… Danica certainly fits that bill.”

The partnership between Go Daddy and Danica Patrick could be strained because of the racer’s dropping Q rating, a measure of likability for endorsers. Patrick’s fell to 19 from 29 in just two seasons. But her score is still one of the highest among female athletes and much higher than the average for active and retired race car drivers.