Justin Bieber Signs Up For Enrols In Online Combined Physiology Course During Purpose World Tour

Justin Bieber Enrolls In Online Combined Physiology Course During Purpose Tour

Justin Bieber, the higher education graduate?

That day may come sooner rather than later. According to multiple fans who had an impromptu street encounter with the pop superstar in Toronto, Canada on Monday (November 7), Bieber has signed up on an online course in physiology and anatomy.

The fans subsequently tweeted about their encounter. They revealed the pop prince is expanding his intellectual horizons beyond his high school 4.0 GPA and studying at a university online. It is unclear whether it’s a university or university college.

Either way, Bieber’s decision to continue with his education is impressive, given that he reportedly has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. People with ADHD typically have learning difficulties. This isn’t because they are less intelligent than people who don’t have ADHD, but because those who do have brain-based neurological disorder process information and stimuli differently and it is generally harder for them to concentrate.

The around 15-strong group of fans also shared videos of the Canadian star hugging them.

“Give me the love, all the love,” Justin is heard telling the delighted Beliebers at one point.

News of his studies surfaced just before he returned to his Purpose Tour with a concert in Vienna, Austria after a short break in his native country.

Watch the fans spending time with the Grammy winner on the video below.

In one excited-sounding tweet, a user named @raesus — who was part of the group that met Bieber — said he seemed happy about his combined physiology course.

She recalled, “When he said he was going to Uni it’s for physiology and anatomy and I was like ‘good for you. It’s worth it, you can do it.'”

“He was so happy,” she added.

Raesus also said she offered encouragement to Justin. “I’m so happy I told him that if he wants to do university and sets his mind to it then he can accomplish it,” she tweeted, adding, “Always good to be educated.”

Another fan, who was part of the surprise Bieber-meet, had more information. Twitter user @jellentbh, known as Ellen, shared that the 22-year-old’s studies include kinesiology. She also said Justin was “so excited” when he told fans about his course.

Ellen tweeted, “He explained its bio/anatomy/kinesiology & I was like ‘I’m bad at all that stuff you should tutor me’ in my best h*e voice and he was SHOOK.”

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human or non-human body movement. It’s used in biomechanics, strength training, conditioning, orthopedics, sport psychology, rehabilitation, physical, and occupational therapy, sport and exercise.

Kinesiology is not the same as applied kinesiology. The latter is an alternative medical diagnostic method using muscle testing combined with verbal questioning to communicate with a person’s “energy system” to rebalance it. It’s unclear which of the two Bieber is studying, but it’s most likely the former.

Back to the fans. One girl said Justin “had the biggest smile on his face” when they had fun recreating the “JuJu on that beat” dance.

Raesus tweeted that the heartthrob smiled and told them “I’m feeling it” while they were all dancing.

Justin com fãs em Toronto, no Canadá (07/11)

A video posted by Conexão Bieber Brasil (@conexaobieber) on

Justin com fã em Toronto, no Canadá (07/11)

A photo posted by Conexão Bieber Brasil (@conexaobieber) on

Justin com fãs em Toronto, no Canadá (07/11)

A photo posted by Conexão Bieber Brasil (@conexaobieber) on

Justin com fãs em Toronto, no Canadá (07/11)

A video posted by Conexão Bieber Brasil (@conexaobieber) on

Justin com fãs em Toronto, no Canadá (07/11)

A video posted by Conexão Bieber Brasil (@conexaobieber) on

The girls said Justin appreciated having conversations with them rather than being bombarded in a frantic grab for selfies.

User raesus noted that at one point a woman who wasn’t part of their group tried to take pics of the Biebs, but he gently told her “don’t ruin it for them” so that he could keep talking to the fans.

The same girl said Bieber gave her a second hug after she asked another fan to put her phone down.

Raesus later posted a sweet tweet to the Biebs, writing, “Hi, u made us really happy tonight be safe and take care of urself thank u love u & see u soon @justinbieber.”

One fan revealed the singer spent time with his mother, Pattie Mallette, during his break in Canada.

Another fan tweeted her view that Justin was relaxed with them because they were respectful and calm.

All of which makes a change from recent disturbing videos which showed the pop singer getting harassed by a selfie-chaser in Dublin, Ireland and verbally abused by a passer-by in Scotland during a drama-filled UK leg of his Purpose Tour.

Numerous Bieber fans update Twitter accounts posted about the Toronto fans’ meet-and-greet. See below for a selection. The Inquisitr will have updates on the Biebs’ online combined physiology university course as and when they arise.

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