Romney Bipartisan Ad Released

Mitt Romney’s New Ad Highlights Bipartisanship [Video]

The Mitt Romney campaign released a new ad on Friday touting the Republican presidential nominee’s bipartisanship. The ad is titled “Bringing People Together” and is reminiscent of a theme presented by now-President Barack Obama when he was running in 2008.

The new Romney bipartisanship ad shows clips of the Republican nominee during the first presidential debate where he promises to move beyond the bipartisan gridlock in Washington by working with Democrats across the aisle, reports CBS News. Romney states in the ad:

“We have to work on a collaborative bases, not because we’re going to compromise out principle, but because there’s common ground.”

This is a theme that Mitt Romney has been working to push on the campaign trail ever since a focus group showed that it was one of his most popular lines from the debate in Denver. When he stopped in Chesapeake, Virginia on Wednesday, Romney stated:

“… the divisiveness we’ve seen in Washington has spread across the nation — it’s got to stop.”

The Washington Post notes that the new Mitt Romney bipartisanship ad is a “break from straight partisan attacks.” Without directly attacking Obama, the clip suggests that the President is unable to do so. In the clip, the Republican candidate also says:

“Republicans and Democrats both love America. But we need leadership — leadership in Washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done.”

The Romney campaign purchased $14 million in ad time after the debate. The purchase is a major investment designed to push the candidate’s best moments out to swing states like Ohio.

Check out the video below to see the new Romney bipartisan ad, titled, “Bringing People Together.”