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‘Alex Cross’ Gets Ripped Apart By Critics

Alex Cross hit theaters today, and, according to the critics, it might just be the worst movie of the year.

And 2012, by the way, was the year that The Oogieloves set the record for worst box office performance in movie history, board game Battleship became a movie about an alien invasion, and Abraham Lincoln fought vampires.

The new action thriller, which stars Tyler Perry (yes, Tyler Perry from Madea’s Family Reunion) and Matthew Fox from Lost, is hovering at just over 10 percent at Rotten Tomatoes. The audience is being a little bit more charitable toward Alex Cross and have so far ranked it at 59 percent.

Eric Hines at the Village Voice, writes:

“A strong candidate for dumbest film of the year …”

The majority of critics have placed the blame on the shoulders of director Rob Cohen. No one was really impressed with Perry or Fox’s performance, but the movie was so bad that it was hard to notice any bad, or good, acting.

Schmoes Knows writes:

“What’s really a kick to the nether-region is that the story is so bad that you never really get a chance to admire or dislike any of the acting.”

Cohen, who has directed movies like The Fast and the Furious, said that it hurts to read poor reviews of his movies but said that the movie will last much longer than the critic.

Cohen told Film School Rejects:

“You have to accept there’s always been these people, and they’ve been wrong. Go back in history and read the reviews of all the films we love today, and you’ll find the people who said they were bad, stupid, missed the mark, or whatever. That goes from Casablanca to Gone with the Wind to Citizen Kane. What I said to Vincent Canby, who slammed my first film, is, “Somewhere, somehow people will still be watching the movie, as they’ve forgotten you were a critic.”

It’s a little hard to imagine Alex Cross on the same level as Citizen Kane, but, hey, who knows, maybe all of the critics are wrong.