A lot of people have been breathing a sigh of relief that this gruelling presidential election is almost over. And that's really precious.

Think The Election Drama Is Almost Over? Think Again

There’s no sense trying to hide it anymore: I have fallen hopelessly in love with Trump supporters. I’m still highly suspicious of their actual candidate, whose domestic policy and neocon running mate make my lefty soul cringe, but his supporters have won my heart.

Not the corporate media’s crude caricature of Trump supporters, mind you, about whom words like “Nazi” are used liberally and Pepe memes are reported by actual newscasters to be symbols of white supremacy, but his real-life supporters who aren’t works of fiction. The ones Bernie Sanders talked about when he said, “I do not believe that most of the people who are thinking about voting for Mr. Trump are racist or sexist. Some are, but I think most are people who are hurting, they’re worried about their kids, they’re working longer hours for lower wages.”

Fun fact: it is impossible not to read the above quote in Bernie’s voice.

There’s a lot to love about Trump supporters, from their humor to their persistence to their intense scrutiny of the media and establishment politics, but my favorite thing about them is the way they’re driven more by emotion and intuition than by the heady intellectual arguments that often bog us progressives down. They bulldoze right over the increasingly-lengthy arguments cooked up by the neoliberal think tank explaining how Hillary’s not as bad as everyone knows she is and why we absolutely must vote for the anointed ghoul queen, knowing in their guts that they’re being lied to and manipulated. Trump supporters argue their case well enough, don’t get me wrong, but it’s their limitless passion that gives them their strength.

That’s also one of the reasons we may be certain that they’ll keep fighting harder than ever after the election is rigged for Hillary Clinton.

Some of you might call me a crazy conspiracy theorist for saying this, but that’s not actually a defensible position anymore. We know from the DNC leaks that the Democratic primary was rigged, and we know from the Pied Piper email in the Podesta leaks that they even manipulated the Republican primary as well (making their fearmongering about Trump all the more laughable, since they’re the ones who chose him). We also know that Hillary Clinton has been recorded saying in plain English that she’s totally down with the idea of election rigging. These are not conspiracy theories, these are facts.

Still not convinced that vote manipulation will be a factor in this election? Watch this mind-blowing, level-headed and very even-handed video by Mark Crispin Miller about how easy it would be. Did you know that a recent Harvard study found that the United States has the very least electoral integrity out of any western country? Dead last in a study of 139 countries. The Free Thought Project reports that American elections are less fair and secure than even such countries as Argentina, Tunisia, Rwanda, and Brazil. Not surprisingly, two of the world’s healthiest democracies with the happiest populations top the list in Denmark and Finland.

Miller explains that some of the biggest factors making it so incredibly easy for American votes to be manipulated include the prevalent use of voting machines owned by private companies and the fact that exit polling is used only to provide news media of a forecast of the election’s outcome, not to ensure the absence of vote tampering as is the case with exit polls in the rest of the world.

So that’s a thing. That will happen. Unless Trump wins by a massive enough margin to make successful vote manipulation impossible without getting caught, we may be certain that establishment operatives will manipulate the votes in key districts to give Clinton the win. And we may also be certain that Trump’s supporters will rain hell’s fury down upon them when that happens. Probably not violently, but we can absolutely expect a very loud and unequivocal “NO!” across the Republican base that will not relent until something changes.

So I think it’s really precious when I hear people expressing relief that all this election business is almost over. I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but this strange rabbit hole is only going to get curiouser.

Even if Trump does manage to pull off a landslide victory that poll manipulation can’t keep up with, there may well be fire and fury from the other side. Black Lives Matter leader and Clinton supporter Shaun King has said there will be a coup if Trump wins. This doesn’t appear to be a mainstream sentiment in the greater Black Lives Matter community, but the suggestion of violent uprisings and riots by frightened minorities has been seeded through public consciousness by King and other irresponsible members of the press (mostly white) for months. These prophecies, when not consciously examined, run the danger of being self-fulfilling, not just by planting fearful ideas in the minds of members of minority groups, but also in the minds of white Americans. As a result of these media mind viruses, there may be fear and suspicion between the white community and minorities that never needed to be there, and in the event of a Trump victory, we’ll be seeing that play out in the weeks following the election.

Furthermore, despite Hillary’s “that’s horrifying” response to Trump’s refusal to promise he’ll accept the results of the election, and despite the corporate media’s feigned indignation that anyone would ever suggest such a thing, the LA Times reports that both parties are in fact amassing an army of lawyers to defend their claim to the throne should they find any grounds to do so. Unless there’s a clear-cut victory, we’re likely looking at a drawn-out legal battle either way this thing goes.

And then there’s the little matter of the ongoing FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation, and the alleged discoveries made by the NYPD which are getting more and more buzz. The story being circulated by insiders like Erik Prince, Steve Pieczenik and others is that members of the FBI and the NYPD, along with collaborators in U.S. intelligence agencies, have discovered something really, really bad about the Clinton Foundation and the people in it, and that they’re threatening to go public with their information if indictments aren’t made. More and more information is coming in from the media fringes confirming this in various ways, and my ever-reliable gut tells me this one’s true, so I think we’re actually going to see some really shocking high-level arrests made after the election once everyone knows which way we’re headed which will shake up America a lot more than any old administration change. Feel free to call me out on this if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty confident about this one.

So there’s a lot of fun stuff coming up, dear reader. 2016 is only getting crazier and crazier, and January 20 is a long way away. We’re going to have a lot to talk about, dear reader. Don’t get too comfy.

[Featured Image by Charles Krupa/AP Images]