Adele concert paid for by Hillary Clinton

Adele’s Pro-Clinton Message Concert Paid For By Hillary Clinton, Despite Clinton Saying It Was ‘Quite A Surprise’

Adele may not be able to vote for Hillary Clinton, but the Democratic candidate is still “thrilled” about the “Hello” singer, according to The Guardian. Adele, who has British citizenship, recently urged her fans to vote for Clinton during her recent Miami concert.

Even though Adele won’t be able to cast her vote for Clinton due to her lack of American citizenship, she can still make a huge difference at this year’s U.S. presidential election by telling her large fan base who to support.

Adele is one of the most famous singers of our time, which is why Clinton was “thrilled” to hear a message of support during the singer’s gig at Miami’s American Airlines Arena on Tuesday, just a day before Clinton celebrated her 69th birthday on Wednesday.

After Adele’s concert, Clinton took to Twitter to say it was “quite a birthday surprise.” During her address to the crowd, the “Hello” singer urged them not to vote for Republican candidate Donald Trump. Instead, she said she supports Clinton 100 percent.

“I support Hillary Clinton 100 percent, I do. And for anyone else that wants to vote for him, I don’t care, good for you, do whatever you want. I’m just letting you know who I would vote for.”

Clinton attended Adele’s concert in person and during her interview with radio SiriusXM, the presidential candidate said she was “really grateful” for the “Rolling in the Deep” singer’s support.

During the interview, Clinton claimed she was “stunned and thrilled” to hear Adele voice a message of support during her concert. But Clinton is not really telling the truth, according to the Daily Mail.

It was revealed by Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri that the Democratic candidate paid for Adele’s concert in Miami, where the singer urged the crowd to vote for her. So Clinton wasn’t that “stunned” after all.

Clinton has been a diehard Adele fan for years, and it appears that she keeps a close eye on the “Hello” hitmaker’s concert tour across the United States. Clinton even scheduled her campaign-related events in Miami for Tuesday because she was aware Adele would perform there that night.

So basically Clinton made a “present to herself” by paying for Adele’s concert, as revealed by Palmieri, Clinton’s aide. Palmieri also added that the Democratic candidate, who’ll be pitted against Trump on November 8, has been “tracking Adele’s tour very closely.”

“Anything I know about Adele, I know from Hillary Clinton.”

Naturally, Donald Trump wasn’t exactly “thrilled” to hear about Adele voicing the anti-Trump, pro-Clinton message in front of thousands of her fans. In his interview with ABC News, the Republican presidential candidate had a few things to say about Clinton taking a night off to attend Adele’s gig in Miami.

Trump had been criticized for taking one hour off to promote the opening of his latest lavish hotel in Washington D.C. But the Republican candidate doesn’t think it’s fair, given that people thought it was “nice” and “wonderful” that Clinton took a night off to attend the concert, while he cannot take one hour off “to cut a ribbon at one of the great hotels of the world.”

But it’s not like Trump was friends with Adele before the singer’s urged her fans to vote for Clinton on Tuesday. Earlier this year, the “Hello” hitmaker requested the Republican to stop using her songs at his rallies.

Adele’s songs weren’t the only songs Trump played during his rallies without permission, as the Rolling Stones also criticized the presidential candidate for illegally using their songs.

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