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Elwood Edwards AOL’s ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Guy Is An Uber Driver In Ohio

If you are someone who doesn’t pay much attention to who your Uber driver is, you may want to start. In the state of Ohio, it is very possible your Uber driver could be someone famous.

Elwood Edwards, an American voice over actor who most people know better as AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” guy, has reportedly become an Uber driver in the state of Ohio.

AOLs voice over guy became an Uber driver
Elwood Edwards, known for his signature AOL phrase, became an Uber driver in Ohio.
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According to USA Today, it was a user on Twitter by the name of Brandee Barker who first discovered AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” guy was an Uber driver in the state of Ohio. Apparently, the Twitter user was canvassing the state of Ohio for Hillary Clinton supporters when she discovered her Uber driver was none other than Elwood Edwards.

The Twitter user pulled out her phone and recorded a video of AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” guy before sharing it on Twitter. In the video, she encouraged Elwood Edwards to say his famous phrase “Welcome, You’ve Got Mail” twice before asking him who he was.

Check out the Twitter video below to see Elwood Edwards say his signature “You’ve Got Mail” phrase.

According to the video, it was back in the 80s when AOL was a new and upcoming software that the signature phrase was born. Elwood claims his wife recorded his voice on a cassette tape in their living room while she was working at Quantum Computer Services before offering the tape as an option for the voice over as the company had recently tossed around the idea of adding a voice over to the software.

This test recording on the cassette tape his wife turned in ended up getting accepted and quickly became a voice anyone who used the Internet during the 90s would recognize.

According to Elwood Edwards, his wife just happened to be a customer service representative at the time that the company was about to become America Online. In the moment, his wife volunteered his voice as the potential voice over for the software and everyone thought it was a great idea.

While the video where Elwood opens up about how he became AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” guy is lighthearted, it does highlight the fact that anyone who comes in contact with him and recognizes him is likely to tell him they have new email in order to get him to say that signature phrase. Edwards briefly talks about how he has never really been able to escape the signature phrase since. During the short video, several different people approach him and ask him to recite his signature phrase.

At the end of the video, some even speculate that Elwood Edwards becomes slightly frustrated with people constantly approaching him in order to get him to say his signature phrase for them.

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How do you feel knowing that AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” guy is an Uber driver in the state of Ohio? Do you think he is going to regret becoming an Uber driver as more people start to recognize him and ask him to say his phrase? Is it possible this wasn’t the best career choice for someone who “can’t escape” the “You’ve Got Mail” phrase – as he put it in the video.

Share your thoughts on this interesting discovery the Twitter user made while canvassing the state of Ohio for Hillary Clinton supporters in the comments below. How would you have reacted if you had ran into AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” guy after getting in an Uber?

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