‘The Division’ 1.5 Update Includes Fifth World Tier, New Ballistic Shield Gear Set, And Named Gear With Unique Talents

The public test server for The Division is open once again for PC players. Players can now jump on the public test server to test and preview the 1.5 update for the shooter including the new weapons, new gear, and the higher gear score cap alongside the next piece of downloadable content. Like the previous month-long testing period, only PC owners of the game can participate in testing content on the public test server.

Update 1.5 for The Division will add another World Tier, provide a gear set specifically for the Ballistic Shield, introduce named gear pieces, and debut 12 new weapon types. The tentative patch notes on the game’s official forums list each of these new features for the update alongside other skill changes, PvP mechanics, and vendor adjustments.

While agents can reach World Tier four right now with a maximum gear score of 229, in 1.5 they will be able to set their worlds to World Tier five with a maximum gear score of 256. This power creep from 229 gear to 256 will apply to all weapons and armor in the game letting players that wish to reach the new gear score maximum reacquire their sets, guns, and armor all over again. The push to a higher World Tier will also make heroic level Incursions only accessible in World Tier five instead of World Tier four.

The Division
The higher World Tier will make enemies level 34 [Image by Ubisoft]

Some existing sets will see changes in 1.5, but a new set will also be introduced. Agents of The Division that are finally getting to enjoy the Ballistic Shield can hunt for the new FrontLine set after the update releases. The FrontLine set is designed specifically for players that use the Ballistic Shield. The two-piece bonus provides 15 percent protection from elite enemies while the three-piece bonus adds 30 percent more health to the Ballistic Shield. The four-piece bonus lets the wearer use an SMG in place of a sidearm while wielding the Ballistic Shield. An SMG used with the Ballistic Shield cannot critically hit, however.

Other new gear is coming to The Division with the 1.5 update that can benefit all players, too. Like the variety of named weapons available in the game, a handful of named gear pieces are also being added. In the 1.5 patch notes, named gear pieces for each slot, a total of six high-end pieces, are coming after the update. For instance, the named holster is named Colonel Bliss’ Holster and gives the wearer a bonus of two percent more weapon damage for each consecutive hit against an enemy with a sidearm. At 10 stacks the effect is consumed blasting the target with an EMP.

The Division
The Survival scoreboard as seen in today’s stream on Twitch.tv [Image by Ubisoft]

Many current weapons are being adjusted while 12 new weapon types will be added with the 1.5. Three new light machine guns, four new rifles, three new submachine guns, and three new pistols types will come to The Division. Moreover, four new high-end named weapons are in the 1.5 update including the Golden Rhino, the Urban MDR Assault Rifle, the Tommy Gun, and the Thompson M1928.

The 1.5 patch notes also indicate that credit and Phoenix Credit rewards will be adjusted with the updated according to the World Tier level. As the Inquisitr reported, high gear score players can currently drop their World Tier to a lower one to quickly run Incursions like Clear Sky to earn fast Phoenix Credits. As discussed in last week’s state of the game, The Division team does not consider this an exploit and urges players to do it while they can since the 1.5 update will make it less efficient.

In addition to all of the new gear and a higher World Tier to conquer, agents that own the Season Pass or purchase the upcoming Survival DLC will have the new Survival mode to master as well. As noted on VG247, the optional mode can be started from the Terminal where a maximum of 24 players are stranded in a harsher version of the current map where they need to worry about warmth and food. Supplies are limited and although Survival can be PvE or PvP, players will have to compete with each other to survive and reach the rendezvous point.

The current iteration of the public test server will be available for a few days. PC players with access to the Season Pass can test the new Survival DLC in addition to trying out new weapons, gear, and the fifth World Tier. Existing testers can simply update the separate client to the 1.5 update while new players can download the PTS client to gain access. To learn more about the public test server, please read the FAQ on the official forums. There is currently no estimated release date for the 1.5 update or Survival. As usual, everything previewed on the public test server for The Division is subject to change before 1.5 releases on the live servers.

[Image via Ubisoft]