‘Newsweek’ Cover: Madam President Hillary Clinton — But No President Trump Physical Print Magazine Pic Leak Yet [Photos]

As seen below, two very popular magazine covers are from Newsweek. The below Facebook photo shows a physical print edition copy of Newsweek, with a Twitter account that appears to read “twitter.com/mghnbtts” showing the physical copy of the Newsweek magazine proclaiming Hillary Clinton as Madam President. The photos of the Newsweek Madam President cover are from a Twitter account screenshot that uses “Marraskuuta” in the date, which is Finnish for November.

What’s really odd is that the “Mghnbtts” Twitter account is followed by the official Twitter accounts of and , but doesn’t currently show the photo of the Newsweek Madam President cover with Hillary’s photo on Twitter, as shown above.

The “Meghan” in the above Twitter screenshot claims she works at a bookstore, and that her bookstore received the physical hardcopy Newsweek magazines, declaring Clinton as Madam President, one day prior to the presidential election.


According to Google, the Twitter account of Meghan (@mghnbtts) originally showed a Twitter profile that once proclaimed the following.

“@HillaryClinton. Wife, mom, grandma, women+kids advocate, FLOTUS, Senator, SecState, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.”

Although Meghan’s tweet about working at a bookstore and getting magazines like Newsweek early can still be seen in Google’s description — along with her “lookie what we got here (check the date) pic.twitter.com/WJIYbZEGAB” text, the photo and tweets of the physical Newsweek magazine have been removed from Twitter.

Folks have been quick to note that Newsweek also created a Newsweek cover that declared Donald Trump as President Trump, however, some detractors are claiming that they haven’t yet seen a photo of a physical Newsweek magazine with Trump’s cover, as the photos of the Madam President Newsweek cover in physical format makes the rounds.

However, in searching through the phrase Newsweek cover on Twitter, photos like the ones below appear to show both a Madam President and President Trump version of a Newsweek magazine.

The special commemorative edition of the Newsweek magazines, as it says on the Newsweek cover, lists “President Trump” on inside text as “making his millions, building his brand” and calls Trump “a new kind of president.”

Meanwhile, the President Clinton Newsweek edition simply reads Madam President on the Newsweek cover, whilst the inside text of the Clinton version of Newsweek speaks about Hillary’s journey from “Park Ridge to Penn Ave.,” the “Senate and State” to “Madam President.”


Whereas the Madam President Newsweek cover and inside text of the physical copy of the Newsweek magazine may have just leaked early — it doesn’t appear as if the physical copy of the President Trump Newsweek cover has leaked yet. This has caused some Trump supporters to claim that the entire election is rigged, and charge Newsweek with colluding with Hillary to somehow make her president.


The entire media bias theory is being reignited with the Newsweek cover controversy for some people. Others, meanwhile, are writing comments like the following, which alleges — as does Snopes — that plenty of publications prepare their hardcopy magazines in advance of big events in order to provide timely news, like when a president is elected.

“For those who thought the fix was in, it is very common for a national publication to have two covers prepared. But of course you believed the person that showed you only one cover. I really feel sad for some of you.”

“There are physical copies of Newsweek printed and in hand for Madam President. There are only tweets of a Trump cover as a weak rebuttal. Nobody has shown to have a physical copy of the Trump Newsweek. And you won’t find it anywhere. Even Snopes can’t call this false.”

“Has Newsweek already printed a special ‘Madam President’ issue that is being shipped out even before Americans vote in the presidential election tomorrow?”

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]