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Dallas Cowboys News: Big Update On Tony Romo’s Return Status – Jason Witten Speaks On Who Should Be Starting Quarterback

The Dallas Cowboys have the best record in the NFC and are tied with the New England Patriots for the best record in the NFL. They have won seven games in a row with a rookie running back leading the charge and rookie quarterback Dak Prescott at the helm. Tony Romo has been healing up from yet another injury and been out since Week 1 of the 2016 season, and he’s almost ready to return, but will he get his starting job back?

Ever since going out in Week 1, Tony Romo’s return status has been up in the air, but that is no longer the case. As reported by the Star-Telegram, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is finally saying the return of Romo is a possibility and that it isn’t necessarily out of the question to see him back soon.

Jones did say he “wouldn’t speculate,” and honestly, that’s truly the smart move to make. He went on to say that Romo is “ahead of last year” and that he’s going to do more this week as his strength continues to improve.

dallas cowboyis news tony romo return jason witten dak prescott starting quarterback
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While Tony Romo may not end up returning in Week 10, it was rather expected that Jones would be asked about his starting quarterback situation. So many people wonder if Romo will step back into his spot under center once he’s ready to do so.

The thing is, Dak Prescott has played very well and led the Cowboys to one of the best records in the league this season and a seven-game win streak. Jones was quick to step around questions of Romo taking over for Prescott upon his return.

“Well, you didn’t ask a bad question. I just didn’t answer your question. We’ve got a great luxury, a wonderful problem to have. We’ve got some real talent at our quarterback position. I think Tony Romo is one of the best quarterbacks that have played this game. My real regret would be to have had him here and not won a Super Bowl with him. He’s that talented. And now look at Dak and how he’s playing, his future, so I just don’t have a problem with this situation.”

Earlier in the season, Jones always said that Romo would get his starting job back when he was healthy enough. He even said that would happen no matter how well Prescott had played or was playing, but then again, that was before a seven-game win streak.

dallas cowboyis news tony romo return jason witten dak prescott starting quarterback
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While Jones wasn’t going to say something one way or another, many others have their own opinion about the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback situation. Some believe it is still Romo’s team. Others feel as if it would be a horrible decision to take Prescott out when he’s playing so well.

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten recently spoke with Fox Sports about the quarterback controversy and said it was good to have Romo practicing with them this past week. He also said that Romo is one guy that no-one should bet against, but he doesn’t know what will happen when he’s healthy enough to return.

“That’s for a lot of people higher up than me to make those decisions, and I don’t know that anyone knows how this is going to play out. I think it’s a good problem to have. To see Dak play as well as he is and know that when Tony’s healthy, there are only a few people that are walking on this planet that can play at that level.”

Yes, this is a good problem to have for any team in the NFL. Who wouldn’t want to have two great quarterbacks who can lead their team to the NFL? While it may not be a huge deal this season, no matter the decision made, it could cause a lot more headaches in the offseason.

Tony Romo has been the face of the Cowboys for a long time now, but he is aging, and his injuries keep on piling up. Last year, his back-ups did nothing, and it showed that Romo was still needed as the quarterback for this franchise. Now, rookie Dak Prescott is writing a different story, and he is leading the Dallas Cowboys to the promised land. Teammates may think that Romo’s time isn’t done, but a lot will be said once he is healthy enough to return.

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