Days of Our Lives spoilers: The storyline that will take Theresa out of Salem.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: This Is How Theresa Will Leave Salem

Days of Our Lives fans are counting down the days until Jen Lilley’s character, Theresa Donovan, says her tearful goodbye to Salem. Sadly, viewers will have to witness the fan favorite character leave the soap, and the storyline behind the departure is going to be an emotional roller coaster.

According to Soap Hub, Theresa will devise a heartbreaking plan to distance herself from her husband Brady Black and their adorable baby boy, Tate. As viewers know, a dangerous man from Theresa’s past, Mateo, has turned up in Salem, and he wants Theresa. She’ll be desperate to keep Brady and Tate safe, and so she’ll have to make the most painful choice of her entire life for their well-being.

The report reveals that Days of Our Lives fans will watch Theresa begin to push Brady and Tate away. The character will have to pretend that she does not want to be Brady’s wife or Tate’s mother anymore, and that she’s gone back to her former wild ways of boozing and using drugs. Actor Eric Martsolf, who plays Brady Black on the soap, recently revealed details about the storyline that will take Theresa out of Salem.

“Theresa has to create a facade that she’s done being a mother to Tate, she’s done being a wife to Brady, and she’s going back to her old ways. She tries to convince Brady that she’s no longer interested in this domestic bliss that they’ve been trying to build together.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers: The storyline that will take Theresa out of Salem.
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This will be an emotional storyline for Days of Our Lives viewers to watch, especially since Brady will be so stunned by the change in Theresa’s behavior. It will seem that overnight she’s become a completely different person.

“In the back of his mind, just as he’s struggled with his demons, he knows how fragile addiction can be. You can fall back into it at the drop of a hat. It’s just that the timing seems to be so insane given his and Theresa’s newfound happiness. Their son was kidnapped, and they found him. They just exchanged vows together… They were completely ready to start this new life and then she throws this bomb at him with this complete change of behavior.”

According to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, Brady’s first glimpse into Theresa’s new facade will be when he catches her in a very compromising position with Mateo. Brady will find the mother of his child in a disturbing scenario that will shake him to his core.

“In Theresa’s attempt to create this scenario, she actually puts herself in a very compromising position with Mateo. Drug use also comes into play. Brady has reason to believe Theresa has gone back to her wicked ways and is using substances again.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers: The storyline that will take Theresa out of Salem.
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Martsolf also reveals that the downfall of Brady and Theresa’s relationship shouldn’t be unexpected for Days of Our Lives fans, as soap operas often tear apart super couples in the most heartbreaking of ways.

“[They are] going to take quite a fall, and he’ll be down and out, yet again. That’s what we do in soap opera. We build it up, so we can break it down.”

When Theresa finally does leave Salem it’s safe to say that Brady will be in utter shock. He’ll not only be losing his wife, but Tate will be losing his mother. Brady will likely be struck with the reality that he’s now a single father and doesn’t have his partner there with him as he navigates the ups and downs of parenting. However, with Brady’s strong family group it looks like he’ll find a way to get through it all with their support.

What are your thoughts on the shocking storyline that will lead to Theresa’s exit on Days of Our Lives?

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