plus-sized model robyn lawley

Robyn Lawley: Plus Size Model Slams Designers Who Pressure Girls To Lose Weight

Plus-size model Robyn Lawley chastised clothing designers who push girls to lose weight to fit into ultra skinny outfits. Calling Ralph Lauren’s latest model plus-sized feels a bit inaccurate to say the least. The young woman boasts a Marilyn Monroe style figure; she does not have rolls of fat hanging off of her frame, as her modeling designation would imply. Apparently, in the fashion world, any woman who cannot squeeze into a size 3, is considered too large to simply just be referred to as a model.

Lawley has received an abundance of praise for her curves and traditional womanly figure. The 23-year-old seems to have little patience for fashion designers who favor models with bodies that appear to many to resemble the physique of young teen boys. She is the first plus-sized model to grace the pages of Ralph Lauren’s catalog in a swimsuit.

Lawley had this to say about differing body styles in her industry:

“I want girls to have options, but unfortunately, if a plus-sized model comes along and she is so amazingly beautiful and even if agents all over the world want her, if she is a little bit big, then they will tell her to lose weight immediately. If they find a young girl who is beautiful, why can’ they accept her how she is? Why can’t she work at that size? Why do they have to be skinny?”

The Australian native has been featured on the European covers of Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire. She is reportedly very excited to break into the American fashion world, according to statements she made during an interview with Radar Online. She also noted that there is a lack of diversity in the US modeling world and believes that it is important to share the plus-size message here.

Do you prefer seeing models so crazy thin that any skirt over a size 1 hangs off their body, or are curvy women like Robyn Lawley more representative of a healthy body style?

plus-sized model robyn lawley