Google Mobile Ads

Google Mobile Ad Run Now $8 Billion, Up From $2.5 Billion In 2011

Google in 2012 ran up its mobile rate to $8 billion, a drastic increase over the company’s $2.5 billion in mobile ads revenue reported in 2011. The more than tripling of the company’s mobile revenue showcases the drastic increase in mobile device use over the last 12 months.

Google’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette was quick to point out that the $8 billion in revenue includes mobile ads and sales of Google Play mobile content and spending on Play apps.

While most of Google’s mobile earnings still comes from mobile ad revenue, the company has not yet provided exact numbers to showcase the rise in Google Android and ultimately Google Play popularity. Google just like Apple iOS takes revenue sharing for each app purchase and in-app sale.

According to Pichette, the company has no plans to break down margins and details on the different sources of revenue for Google’s mobile platforms. Pichette did not that a “vast majority” of revenue is still earned through mobile display ads. Pichette did note that mobile revenue earned a “huge number” of sales through Google Play.

Google Play revenue includes app purchases, in-app purchases, eBooks, movie and TV purchases, and more.

Google’s next big plan? The company is working on systems that will allow ads to be monetized across a user’s multiple screens including mobile, TV, and web apps.

While Google continues to further monetize the success of Google Android, it is Apple that is still dominating “time spent online” mobile internet numbers despite fewer iPhone devices being sold compared to Google Android.