Mariah Carey Using James Packer’s Private Jet For Kids’ Holiday, Despite Nasty Breakup

Mariah Carey is treating herself to one of James Packer’s private jets, despite the fact that the couple has officially broken up.

According to Hollywood Life, the mother of two feels she’s entitled to the luxurious jet and has already made demands to use it for an upcoming trip with her two children. She apparently sees no reason why she can’t use it — after all, Mariah Carey is under the impression that James owes her $50 million as an inconvenience fee.

Carey argued that Packer has upgraded her luxurious lifestyle by a mile, treating her to multi-million dollar vacations, splashing $8 million on her engagement ring, and supposedly didn’t make Mariah spend a dime of her own money while they were together.

Mariah Carey has become so accustomed to that lifestyle in the past year, she feels she has every right to not only collect $50 million from the billionaire but also request for one of his mansions in Los Angeles — and that’s despite the fact that they were never married.

As for her upcoming holiday with her children, Mariah Carey has already thought her plan through, and according to sources, she’s certain that the private jet will be in her possession for the time she plans to use it for.

“Mariah loves luxury, and she fell in love with his jets. He has three, so she figures she’s entitled to one, but this is James’ favorite. Sting and Tom Cruise are regular guests. It has 15 seats and nine areas for sleeping, and a Rolls Royce engine,” the insider tells Hollywood Life.

“James doesn’t want to give it up, but Mariah has her mind made up. She’s already planning a holiday trip for her and the kids.”

It’s being alleged that James Packer very much still has feelings for Carey, who abruptly ended the relationship following a heated argument in Greece back in September.

An altercation between Packer and Mariah’s assistant left the singer with no other choice but to call it quits with her ex-fiancé of eight months.

Sources are not ruling out a possible reconciliation, but under the current circumstances, Mariah Carey doesn’t seem to have any interest in getting back with James, whose team demanded a ridiculous amount of rules had the singer married Packer.

The twosome made plans to marry in March, but according to TMZ, Carey refused to sign the prenuptial agreement, which stated that she would have to return any lavish items given to her unless they were clearly known to have been a gift to Mariah.

She also didn’t agree with the idea that she would only get $50 million from the divorce, reportedly expecting much more. James’ team wasn’t going to budge and neither was Mariah Carey, who eventually decided to end the relationship and then go on to claim she still deserves the $50 million, citing her reasons as an inconvenience fee.

Mariah loves spending time with her children, so there’s no doubt that she’ll be heading somewhere fancy when she does go on her vacation later this year.

How she plans on getting her hands on the luxurious private jet is still unclear but, as the source already reveals, Carey seems anything but worried about getting her hands on Packer’s personal belongings.

Do you think Mariah Carey deserves the use of James’ private jet now that they have broken up?

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