Mariah Carey: Is Nick Cannon Getting Back With Ex-Wife Following James Packer Split?

Could Nick Cannon possibly end up reconciling with Mariah Carey now that she has officially split with James Packer?

Recent reports suggested that the “We Belong Together” hitmaker may end up giving love another try with Cannon, especially when considering the fact that Nick and Mariah have been spending quite a lot of time together as of late.

While their outings have mainly been focused on their two children, sources have strongly suggested that a reconciliation between Nick and his ex-wife shouldn’t be ruled out just yet.

In a recent interview with Extra TV, while Nick Cannon didn’t necessarily address the rumors at hand, he did have a lot of positive things to say about the mother of his two kids, stressing that there’s nothing but love between the two.

Cannon stresses that his relationship with Mariah Carey is better than ever before. The twosome are communicating as much as possible, which seems to be a sign that the duo is willing to give their love for one another chance.

“Yea. It’s all love. You know how that is. I think the media comes up with all this speculation and stuff, but everybody is keeping it moving… that’s what it’s all about,” Nick told Extra TV, according to Hollywood Life, after being questioned about his thoughts on Mariah’s split from James Packer.

“Man, you know how it goes. It’s just like it’s something new every day. The news cycle is always something for some reason, I’m constantly in it,” he adds.

“It doesn’t bother me because I don’t really, I don’t feed off of it — I’m an open book. Someone asks me a question, I answer it but I’m not really trying to dig in too deep. Things are always movin’ and groovin’, but as long as we are rooted in love and family, that’s the most important thing.”

Earlier this year, it was alleged that Nick Cannon was holding up his divorce from Mariah Carey because he wasn’t ready to let the singer go, supposedly convinced that Packer wasn’t the right man for Carey.

Packer had made plans to marry Mariah in March, TMZ confirms, but due to the fact that she was still legally married to Cannon, the couple had to postpone the wedding, giving their friends and family members no actual indication of the new date they planned on tying the knot.

Everything fell through for Mariah Carey and James when a huge altercation on a yacht in Greece left Carey so angry she immediately called things off with the billionaire, giving a statement to her team that the businessman she planned on marrying was “mentally unstable.”

Mariah is now demanding James pay her $50 million, claiming it to be her inconvenience fee, considering how Packer treated the “Butterfly” singer to a certain lifestyle that she thinks qualifies her for a hefty payday.

As for Nick Cannon, he’s very much still single, according to reports. Nick’s divorce from Mariah Carey has now been finalized, but that doesn’t rule out the possible chance of the twosome getting back together and trying to see whether they can work on the differences they had with one another when the divorce papers were initially filed.

Nick Cannon has made it perfectly clear that there’s still love for Mariah Carey on his end — whether or not she still feels the same way has yet to be determined.

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