Denny Hamlin Crash Leaves Driver Dizzy But Unscathed [Video]

Denny Hamlin took a trip to the infield care center after a scary crash at the Kansas Speedway today during a testing session.

USA Today reports that Hamlin slammed into a wall at about 200 mph today. Hamlin was able to drive the car back to the garage but race officials urged him to get himself checked out at the medical center.

Hamlin said that he’s never been asked by an official to go to the medical center after a crash, especially when the car was able to be make it back to the garage, but Hamlin said that that the racing crew was just trying to make sure everyone was safe.

Hamlin said:

“Obviously the severity of it, and the speeds we were running, it was a wise thing to do anyway … Simply because of the speed of the impact, I think that they were just trying to be safe in asking me how I felt and I was honest with them and said I was a little dizzy and they said just come back in an hour to make sure you’re OK.”

USA Today reports that NASCAR officials may have been extra cautious after the Denny Hamlin crash since Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently received two concussions within a few weeks of each other. Spokesperson Kristi King issued a statement saying that safety is the number one issue for race officials and today’s incident was just an example of the officials doing their jobs.

King said:

“Safety has been and always will be the No. 1 priority for our officials. They are trained and experienced to be on the outlook for any type of situation in regards to safety at the racetrack. This is just an example of them doing their job.”

Hamlin seemed to agree, adding:

“The medical staff can’t do their job unless I tell them exactly what’s going on. They may as well not be here if I am going to tell them stories and give a false sense of security to them. I’m honest with them. I knew that I was fine. I just had my bell rung and let them do their jobs from thereon out.”

Here’s a video of Denny Hamlin talking about his crash at the Kansas Speedway.