Is Hillary Clinton a Satanist pedophile?

Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theories: Satanic Panic, Sex Ring, Pedophilia, And Demonic Possession [Video]

A Clinton is running for president and there are reports of satanism, demonic possession (see Dave Daubenmire video below), and a pedophile sex ring, according to Alex Jones and Info Wars. Add to the list of Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories a Cold War with Russia, and white supremacists on the prowl stumping for Trump and you might feel as if you’re in a time warp. In fact, things like the Cold War, Satanic panic, and the Clinton’s being connected to pedophile sex rings may have been common in the 1990s, but certainly not in the new millennium. The KKK has crawled out of hiding and is vocally supporting Trump for president. Many worry that if Trump loses, America will have to face the wrath of angry white supremacists who fear the country will be overrun with Mexicans, Muslims, and immigrants.

Could someone please change the channel? I believe Geraldo Rivera is on, right after this episode of Phil Donahue.

In the video below, Dave Daubenmire interviews alleged and confessed Clinton “hit man” Larry Nichols, who claims Hillary Clinton is demon possessed and smells like rotten meat.

If you haven’t heard the term Satanic panic, it wouldn’t be surprising. Satanic panic ruled the 80s and part of the 90s, with fear that if teenagers listened to heavy metal bands like Ozzy Osborne or Iron Maiden, they would become possessed by Satan himself. There was widespread fear of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) that could occur from the lowest rungs of society to the highest echelons of government. Satanic Ritual Abuse wasn’t something teenagers did to look cool, or was the result of explorative art concepts. Satanic Ritual Abuse was carried out in day care centers, public school classrooms, or anywhere one of Satan’s servants could effectively use mind control on a victim, perform their evil ceremonies, and then clear the victim’s mind so no one would remember the abuse.

During this time, it wasn’t uncommon for conspiracy theories to run deep and the Clintons weren’t immune. Neither was the elder Bush, or Reagan for that matter. As far as the conspiracy theories were concerned, there wasn’t much difference between Conservative Republican presidents and Democrats, they were all practicing Satanism, ritual abuse, mind control, and were sexually abusing children.

Here are some links regarding Satanic panic and alleged connections to the Clintons, Bush, and Reagan, as well as past cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

  • Michelle Remembers: the first book published describing repressed memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse. The book was later determined to be a hoax, after sparking widespread Satanic fear and panic.
  • McMartin Preschool Trial: The McMartin family was the subject of allegations that they sexually abused children in their daycare as part of a Satanic ritual. The case, investigation and subsequent trial lasted from 1984-1990. To this day, some believe the allegations were true, while others believe they were fantasy. You may see a New York Times report about the trial in the video player below.
  • The Franklin Scandal: Was the government running an underground child-sex slavery ring? Was Ronald Reagan and George Bush involved? See video below.
  • The White House Call-Boy scandal (this is an extension of the Franklin scandal).
  • Cathy O’Brien claims to be a victim of MK-Ultra and says she was sexually abused by both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Actress Roseanne Barr claims she was the victim of sexual abuse as a child that she learned about through recovering repressed memories. She opened a session where Cathy O’Brien was the guest speaker. You may see that video below.
  • Alex Jones has interviewed Cathy O’Brien and has given credence to her claims that Hillary Clinton sexually abused her as a child. You may see the video below.
  • Alex Jones continues to explore theories that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are connected to a child-sex, pedophile ring.

It might come as little surprise then that Alex Jones, and other conspiracy theorists continue to link the Clintons to depraved stories of sexual abuse. The newly released WikiLeaks’ emails referring to John Podesta and “spirit cooking” hasn’t helped calm the newly-revised Satanic panic fears.

Is it possible that people are being caught up in Satanic panic, just as they did in the 80s and 90s, or do the WikiLeaks prove that there really is an underground network of Satanists in the White House, and even women aren’t immune to the horrors?

The latest wave of Satanic panic arrived courtesy of WikiLeaks and John Podesta’s emails. Marina Abromovic is an artist who uses Satanic themes. You can read her views on using the occult in her artwork in the leak below. Alex Jones and his editor, Paul Joseph Watson, have explored every angle of the Clintons as pedophile Satanists possible.

Snopes debunked the connection between Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and the “spirit cooking” ceremony. Paul Joseph Watson took issue with Snopes.

Are you surprised that a conspiracy linking Hillary Clinton to Satanism, child sexual abuse, and pedophilia would surface so closely to the election? Do you believe the stories? Do you think Cathy O’Brien is truthful that Hillary Clinton sexually abused her or is she suffering the same type of false memory syndrome as those in the earliest days of Satanic panic? Do you believe Hillary Clinton is Satanic and demon possessed?

What are your views on this? You can see a video playlist with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as he explores Hillary Clinton’s alleged ties to Satanism, child, sexual abuse, witchcraft, and demonic possession in the video player above.

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