"Twilight" spin-offs in the works?

‘Breaking Dawn 2’ Is Just The Beginning: ‘Twilight’ Spin-Off Films Are In The Works [Report]

With Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 wrapping up the core series next month, what’s next for the Twilight series of films? Reboots? TV series? Spin-offs? The latter-most is the likeliest option, with rumors suggesting that Lionsgate and Summit are already drawing up plans for continuing the lucrative franchise with a series of spin-off films.

“But the story is over,” you say. “What could they do next?,” you ask. Those are great questions, but let me remind you of a few things. If Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 rakes in the cash like its predecessors did, Twilight films will be a $3 billion franchise. That’s a cash cow that a studio doesn’t want to lose, even if further entries only serve to bastardize what has already been accomplished. Furthermore, we’re not talking about direct sequels to Edward and Bella’s stories: We’re talking about offshoots focusing on the cool characters that don’t get enough screen time in the main series who could carry their own films. No, we’re not talking about The Short Redundant Life of Bree Tanner, we’re talking about the Wolf Pack or the Volturi.

And let’s face it. You’re a Twilight fan. Like Apple tech aficionados, you will literally buy anything with the Twilight name attached to it. That’s not an insult; own it!

In any case, nothing has been confirmed, but Empire and MovieHole‘s sources say that studio execs are thinking of ways to continue the franchise without the three main characters (which is good, because the actors’ open disdain for the Twilight films is readily obvious). The ever-shirtless, cut-off wearing Wolf Pack are the likeliest contenders for a spin-off film or TV series, but other options have been speculated upon as well including a film that follows Michael Sheen’s Aro and The Volturi, a possible adaptation of Bree Tanner’s story, or a film that exclusively follows Renesmee Cullen (somehow without her parents or Taylor Lautner).

Guardian even humorously suggested a spin-off that follows Mr. Molina, Bella’s biology teacher:

“Surely the greatest Twilight spin-off of all would be a film where Mr. Molina goes home to his wife and just complains about Bella for a couple of hours. ‘She doesn’t do anything,’ he’d say. ‘She just sits there looking constipated all the time, the idiot. I can’t stand her. And she needs to blow her nose, as well. That constant nasal squeaking is driving me up the bloody wall. What’s for dinner? Chicken Kiev? Oh, for God’s sake.’ “

What do you think of the potential for a Twilight spin-off? Would you like to see peripheral characters given their own films? A TV series? A musical reboot with the cast of Glee? Sound off, but I swear I will come at you through your computer screen if you suggest re-doing Twilight with the same cast but from Edward’s perspective.