rob california cannonball jump

Viral Video: German Man Does A Cannonball Into Chilly Water Without Considering The Thickness Of The Ice

The video of a German man doing a cannonball into a very cold looking swimming pool has gone viral. Doing any type of a polar bear style swim during chilly weather takes a lot of nerve, but this man appeared to forget one very important aspect of safe swimming practices before leaping into the water. Taking a few seconds to stomp on the ice would surely have alerted the man to the notion that cracking through it might not work out as planned. Instead of immersing his body into the pool, he basically bounced and slid on top of the frozen water. Mother Nature can have a really warped sense of humor at times.

Judging from the sounds coming from behind the camera, the German man’s pals enjoyed the environmental practical joke just as must as the millions of viewers who have watched the viral YouTube video. The Catch The Ice Dude video as already been seen by four million viewers. Judging from the camera panning over the pool before the cannonball jump, the German man had to know there was ice on the surface. What appears to be a thin ice covering in the center of the swimming pool was apparently a lot thicker than the group of fun-loving guys originally thought.

The video was posted by a user name, MrRobcalifornia, who is from Reutlingen, Germany. According to his Facebook page, Rob California is a drummer for Bi-Pole. Even though he landed with a thud instead of a splash, the cannonball jumper does not appear to get seriously injured. After landing on his spine and uttering some curse words in both English and German, the man begins to laugh along with his buddies before scooting around on the ice.