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Virginia Teacher Charged With Assault: Student Claims She Was Cut While Being Forced To Make An Islamic Hand Sign

tara harris butts road intermedite school

Virginia teacher Tara Harris was charged with simple assault after allegedly injuring a student while aggressively teaching the child how to make an Islamic hand sign. The girl’s mother maintains her daughter’s hand was cut open after Harris yanked her arm during the classroom lesson.

Stephanie Bennett, the 10-year-old student’s mother, claims the Butts Road Intermediate School incident was part of a disturbing trend of “indoctrinating” students with Islamic teachings. Bennett also maintains that the educator “openly campaigns” for President Barack Obama in the classroom setting, SBY News notes.

Chesapeake Police Department spokesman Officer Leo Kosinski had this to say about the charges filed against Tara Harris:

“It’s still a criminal charge. It happened at the school and it involved a student.”

The injured student reportedly suffers from a processing disorder, which makes it difficult for her to grasp new things. Bennett had this to say about the alleged classroom happenings which led up to her daughter’s injuries and the disorder during an interview with The Blaze:

“The teacher was going over Islamic hand signs with the children, she stayed on this issue for two days straight during their math and reading class. Not that she’s uneducated or anything. It’s just a processing problem. When she didn’t get it right, Harris went over and yanked her hand out of her desk and my daughter’s hand got hung up on the metal wire on her file folder and the skin got caught on it. The other children saw my daughter’s hand dripping with blood after the teacher had gotten so mad that she went to twist my daughter’s hand into the Islamic sign.”

Other students in the classroom reportedly confirmed the injured student’s story. Harris allegedly prayed in Arabic approximately five times per day when students were in the classroom. According to Bennett, school officials called her earlier this week to inform her that Tara Harris had been terminated. Earlier this month, a Chesapeake Public Schools assistant principal was arrested on charges of abduction, attempted robbery, burglary, assault, and battery, WAVY reports.

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8 Responses to “Virginia Teacher Charged With Assault: Student Claims She Was Cut While Being Forced To Make An Islamic Hand Sign”

  1. Wolff Bachner

    why are converts always the worst fanatics? like doug hooper who is now Ibrahim hooper,, National Communications Director of CAIR.

  2. Frank Jones

    This is how islam messes up people and the world. I hope the file a lawsuit against that dumb muslim $%$!

  3. Bill McNeil

    She should be shot…like the muslim pig she is…not watching american children…she gets mad enough she will kill them in the name of allah or honor….

  4. Billy Parker

    That sick muslim hypocrite needs to be publicly flogged, and violentely anal raped with a Dry pine log!!!! and the entire administration staff for this school district needs be Fired, and have theyre teaching certs yanked!!!

  5. Jamie Wilson

    Religion needs to stay out of our school systems. Not everyone has the same religion. In the constitution it says, seperation of state and church. Crazy bitch needs to be in prison.

  6. Lauren Jaye Siegel

    LOL. Nowhere does the constitution say anything about separation of church and state. It says that no Thomas Jefferson wrote "wall of separation between church and state" in 1802. Learn something.

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