Apple Premieres iTunes 9. Gets Packed Full Of New Features

The Apple “It’s Only Rock and Roll” event debuted Apple iTunes 9 today and the new features found on the music/video/general download application made the day worthwhile. Here’s a look at the new tools found on iTunes 9.

iTunes LP – While the name made us think of vinyl records and the days of disco, this option is actually an interactive world of music. Users can play their favorite tracks, check out animated lyrics and linear notes and even view photos of the band/artist and view performance videos. There’s even bonus features found all over the place from your favorite artists.

Home Sharing is also a new feature which allows users to browse their iTunes libraries from up to 5 authorized computers. Users can buy music and various video types from any of the connected computers and their main iTunes library will automatically be upgraded with the new files. Essentially it’s easy to setup an extended home network geared directly towards your iTunes setup.

Redesigned iTunes Store – It couldn’t be any easier to find music, videos and podcasts than in is now with the redesigned iTunes store, rather than trying to explain the new look here’s a picture of the redesigned store:

Apple iTunes 9 New Storefront designiTune Extras – Much like getting special content with bonus DVD’s or BluRay Discs, iTunes users will see special content that’s only available when they download from the iTunes store. Yet another reason to buy a 12 edition of Lord of The Rings.

Geniuses Mixes – This is the perfect way to create that mix CD for your girlfriend full of songs she’s guaranteed to love. The program creates mixes based on the songs on your iTunes player, creating mixes of songs that go together flawlessly.


Better Syncing Functionality – Whether you shop the App Store on your computer, iPhone or iPod touch you can arrange your iTunes library and add or delete home screens. iTunes then syncs your newly created home screens with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

iphonesync20090909There’s also a bunch of smaller tweaks that you’ll discover once you download the upgrade and start playing with it. Overall a great new upgrade that continues to improve upon the iTunes platform.