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Christian Woman Lives Biblically For One Year

Woman Lives Biblically For One Year

Rachel Held Evans is a “feminist” Christian woman who lived biblically for 12 months by following all of the Bible’s instructions for women, including making her own clothes and “submitting” to her husband. Using her year-long experience, Evans has now written a book about her experience.

Evans documented her experience in her book A Year of Biblical Womanhood, which details her journey as she followed the hundreds of rules the Bible gives women in both the Old and New Testaments, reports The Daily Mail.

Included in the rules were that women should dress modestly, submit to their husbands, and remove themselves from their communities while they are menstruating. During the days when she was menstruating, the woman who lived biblically for a year stayed home from church, carried a seat cushion with her to avoid sitting on chairs outside her house, abstained from sex, touching her husband, grew her hair out, and also slept in a tent. Evans stated:

“Starting this month, I will commit one year of my life to following all of the Bible’s instructions for women as literally as possible. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, from Genesis to Revelation, from the Levitical code to the letters of Paul, there’s no picking and choosing… Well, except for polygamy and a few other things that I’ll tell you about later.”

According to The Guardian, Rachel Held Evans started the project as a response to the pressure Christian women feel to live biblically. The thought intrigued her, because while the Bible shows women commanding armies, there is always a tone of strict gender roles and emphasis placed on a woman’s subservience to man. As for what the woman who lived a year biblically learned? Evans stated:

“To call into question that there is a single blueprint of how to be a woman. There’s no single model in the Bible – as soon as you think you have found it a woman comes along and breaks it. Everyone picks and chooses. There are verses that say ‘submit to your husband’, but also those that say ‘submit to one another’. The more women know about the bible the more they can respond when people try to silence them.”

Despite the popularity of her blog and her anticipated book, Evans revealed that one of the largest Christian bookstore chains in the country, LifeWay, will not sell her book, because it includes the word “vagina.” She stated, “I don’t know if they were more offended by my vagina or my brain. The only thing I know is that my editor said, ‘If you leave this word in, there’s a good chance LifeWay won’t carry it.'”

Would you consider reading the book about a Christian woman living biblically for a year? Check out the video below for more information.

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108 Responses to “Christian Woman Lives Biblically For One Year”

  1. Anonymous

    good for you more people need god in there life maybe the world would be better off.

  2. Marilyn Willett

    a clown is still a clown no matter she does, Christianity isn't a book of rules it's a relationship with Jesus.
    Mabye now she should go live as a muslim woman & see how she likes that.

  3. Mike Maddalone

    Excellent point! Being a Christian isn't just a bunch of do's and don'ts. Obediance to God's word is all part of living a concecrated life towards him and having a relationship with him otherwise it's just "legalism".

  4. Tom NG

    Christians are SUPPOSED to follow the word of their God, even as adherents to every other religion must theirs. When one takes on a God of doctrine and dogmas, they are BOUND by them. They literally no longer have any moral choice in the matter. What this lady is essentially saying is that a Christian can choose to live by their God's instructions or not to do so, and remain in good standing with Him either way.

    Someone else here called her a "clown." She's not a clown. She's a child–that is, even as a child will play-act at being something and then choose to stop, this lady is doing something because she chooses to do it, and not because her God commands it. That is NOT genuine faith, and I have no doubt her God knows that.

    If this woman finds that the biblical way of life cannot be done, then she must either change her views on what's right, or renounce the God of the Bible. She literally has no other moral choice.

  5. B Keith Hughes

    Get your tents ladies. Be wary and make sure you have loud voices. I'd hate to see the application of.
    Deuteronomy 22:23-24. If no one hears a woman scream did she?

  6. Marilyn Willett

    Bible is a book about the Lord Jesus. Its a matter of the heart, not long hair and certainly not calling your husband master.

  7. Anonymous

    ok so your 90 % a Muslim woman now……..
    cover your head, submit to your husband , dress modestly, don't talk at the mosque…. oops church. Get up and take care of your family, don't forget to pray your 5 prayers a day, oh that's right you don't do that…. or do you?
    Now the only thing left is that Jesus thing……………..

  8. Penny Furman

    You want to condemn the Koran but the Bible basically says the same thing about women. We were only put here to be subservient to the man. If you were real christians you would follow the bible the same way those who have other religions observe and practice hers. The Pentecostal are very close to living the Biblical way with their modesty of dress and not cutting their hair. The problem is the different sects of religions pick what they want to believe in and leave all the others alone. It doesn't make sense to me that there are so many different sects. I never could understand that. It should be one religion and one teaching not 50 thousand of them. I have gone to so many different types of churches and I have observed all this stupid shit. One believes this while another believes that. Well that is not how religion should go. If you are to believe at all, you will believe the entire bible and not just what you pick or what the minister picks because no one really reads the bible these days like they used to. By the way the bible in genesis says "The Sons of God came down and married the fair women of the land as many as they chose. So polygamy is in the Bible.

  9. Penny Furman

    If you believe the bible is only to have a relationship with Jesus than what is the Old Testament put in the Bible for? The new testament does not state not to follow the old testament but that jesus died for our sins. So what happened to all of those people before jesus? are you trying to tell me that no one went to heaven prior to jesus being born? I don't think so.

  10. Anonymous

    This woman Evan's motives evidently not pure (i.e. in her estimation, the Holy Writ is a toy as well as a buffet from which one gets to pick and choose what is "liked" and ignore what is "disliked"). Beyond that, the whole "experiment," based on a premise that everything in the Bible is intended for everyone as well as that everything in the Bible is to be taken literally, is doomed to producing folly and condemnation. Admittedly scorning , therefore, I mused, "I wonder if she obeyed Numbers 25:17's injunction, 'Vex the Midianites' too?" Most importantly, did she obey Acts 2:38 and its cognate passages in the New Testament, something that even Mary, Jesus' mother, had to? As succinctly as possible, some commands were directed to individuals (then present, then future but now bygone, now living, or as of yet future), some to the Israeli nation (then present, then future but now bygone, now living, or as of yet future), some to other people groups (then present, then future but now bygone, now living, or as of yet future), and some to everyone (then present, then future but now bygone, now living, or as of yet future). Attempting to obey somebody else's Scriptural command is pretty much bound to produce disaster! Many false doctrines came about by this very means. Some things Evans correctly viewed as relevant to her and would be making her life increasingly more prosperous than she could ever dream if only she would make them a lifestyle instead of a yearstyle. Although not noted in this article, one notable realization she has been reported elsewhere as having is that a woman should not cut her hair, information for this injunction being found in 1 Corinthians 11. Unfortunately, she is reported to openly disagree with the order of the Maker, tolerating the "feminine hair grow out" order for only so long. Other things, to say she stumbled over them is an understatement. For four years I attended Bible college and have a BA; moreover, I continue to diligently study the Holy Writ of God. It is offensive to me that one would think treat the Bible with anything less than utmost respect. But everyone has a choice and all will face the consequences of their choices.

  11. Anonymous

    What a ridiculous waste of time. Trying to adhere to a collection of myths and collected fables, many of which were derived from other cultures and pagan rituals, is tantamount to insanity. Why not dedicate a year to helping the poor or working for peace or even traveling? I hope she did it to make a buck because otherwise it's just a year lost.

  12. Michael Cobb

    Like many people, Rachel quotes "submit to one another" out of context. The verse tells Christians to submit to one another, and the verses that follow tell how that submission works out: Wives to husbands, children to parents, slaves to masters. The Bible never tells husbands to submit to wives or parents to submit to children or masters to submit to slaves.

  13. Anonymous

    I feel if more people had literacy in their lives the world would be better off.

  14. Anonymous

    Marilyn Willett Really? The OT is about Jesus? I must have an edited copy. Why is it that Christians know the least about the Bible? Could it be that if they actually read and studied it they'd find it to be incredibly contradictory and just plain wrong historically and logically? They might have to question their faith. Can't have any thinking going on. That's dangerous.

  15. David K. Foster Sr.

    This is why hell is going to be filled to the rim. What this woman did was right. Right down to being submissive. But if you don't know what Yah's word say's how can you criticize her. And lastly the Bible says. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. That's why you put the word in your heart. And by doing so, you put the Father, Son and the Holy spirit in your heart. I think there are 613 rules in the Bible you have to obey. If you miss out on 1 then you miss out on all.

  16. Rick Royster

    women while on your periods remove yourselves from the community so all of us pervs wont take you out to dinner thinking it's going down only to hear later on you are on the rag. Good rule…i like it. :)

  17. Alana Holste

    I think it is sad that people thinking that the bible is only about Jesus. Only the New Testament is about Jesus. Did she follow the Old Testament or the New or combined.

  18. Ted Graham

    Matthew 22
    37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[c] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[d] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”.

  19. Melissa Stusinski

    To play Devil's Advocate, do you follow every single rule in the Bible? If so, then you would be perfect — which the Bible says is impossible. Unless you are Jesus himself, then, by using your own rules about obeying the 600+ laws in the Bible, you are going to Hell. :/ I'm pretty sure (at least from what I have read and seen growing up in a Christian environment) the main point is to love God and Jesus, to believe that the three are One, and to do what Jesus did…follow him and not take the easy way. Jesus understands that humanity is not perfect. He gave us a choice and, in doing so, knew that we wouldn't follow every rule. Despite our imperfections, He still loves us and will allow us into Heaven.

    But, if you believe what you state here, that is your right.

    P.S. Interesting that, of everything you did, you pick submissive…should women then be slaves who obey the men in their lives, call them master, do not think for themselves, and do not speak? That is essentially what this woman did in following all of the Bible's rules for women. If so, then you want Christian women to be just like Muslim women…seen under their burkhas, but not heard.

  20. Kathleen Esh

    My understanding is that she is just seeing what it would have been like to live in Biblical times.
    Many men act out the Civil War Battles, some cities have locationes that show how life was in.
    Colonial Times, etc. There were also some shows in the past where people tried to live in various.
    times. Why would this bother anyone? I did not hear her say that she will then insist that all women.
    do this. Also, I read a book about the living in Tents during a woman's Cycle. This was in more modern.
    times but in another country. (sorry, I can't remember which) But get this – other women in the family.
    and friends took over all the household duties and delivered food and clean laundry to those in the.
    tents! I'm all for special Hotels with Room Service for a few days a month! : )

  21. Melissa Stusinski

    She followed all the rules for women in the Old and New Testaments. As far as I know, the New Testament doesn't say women must not speak in church and have to cover their hair in church and when they pray. Most rules like this, from what I have read of the Bible, are in the Old Testament.

  22. Alana Holste

    Looking at the other comments apparently a lot of posters appear to think the Old Testament is Christian

  23. Melissa Stusinski

    That's an interesting point. I grew up being told the entire Bible is something that we should follow, both old and new, but I have problems with old testament rules, mostly because I speak my mind and have tattoos. Do you think Christians should be following both, or just the New Testament? What should Christians treat the Old Testament as, since it is included in the Bible?

  24. Marilyn Willett

    the OT points to Jesus, please read it all, yes people went to heaven before Christ was born, they believed in God, or not, look at Abrahams obedience, but most people tried living by rules, so God sent His word in the form of a man, Jesus is the bread of life.

  25. Mike Vernon

    She should change that to "I'm living like an orthodox Jew from the times of the Torah." What she is doing is not Christian in nature.

  26. Ricardo Elias

    Thanks God for steering away from politics for a short brief moment and we should all recognize the good cause of what God can do to better a society that's seem to be more loose than runaway train with no breaks at all.

  27. Andre Gillyard

    You are correct that nobody went to heaven. The scriptures point to Jesus going to preach to the spirits held captive in Hades after his death and before he ascended into heaven.

  28. David Lucas

    God-fearing women are highly revered, throughout all of Scripture; those who don't see that, simply don't understand Scipture. The wife's submission to her husband, pictures the Church's submission to her Bridegroom – the Lord Jesus Christ. As the wife sets herself aside and gives herself TO her husband, he is then enabled to set himself aside and give himself FOR his wife: Two, very different responsibilities, yet, of equal importance and significance. Lord, give me the strength to do right by my wife – the greatest woman I know.

  29. Santos Nayto Msanii

    first of all this is bullshit! dat woman is stupid just like the people who wrote tha damn bible n shit, if I was her husband I would divorce her for refusing me my rights, I mean what the hell was she thinking living the way some damn people wrote thousand years ago? these are the kind of people I stay very far from coz they are full of shit! enough said.

  30. Susan Stevenson

    We live under Grace now, not the law. We are not required to do any of the things she did in the old testament. It is a guide and when you read the Bible you are suppose to rightly divide the word of truth. She started off wrong being a feminist and thinking she could do things like she did without truthfully wanting to do it in the first place. Try hanging out with some real conservative women and you will find most of us don't sleep in a tent, and actually not only do things for our spouses, but we also do it because we wish to please the Lord. I know in this day and time, right is considered wrong by feminist, however they have done much more harm to the family than anything else has in history. Being a Christian is more than following the Bible, it is accepting Christ as your Savior. I saw none of that in her story, so apparently she did not read all the Bible.

  31. Paul James

    I thought it was about enslaving yourself to an imaginary diety.

  32. Anonymous

    well if her ultimate goal was to write and sell a book, she will be successful. Heck, she showed up in yahoos top ten trending topics. And if her ultimate goal was to learn more about the bible, she will have been successful too. Beyond that, I can't judge her. That said, I'd like to see a man try this just for the fair and balanced thing…

  33. Kimberly Olson

    She missed the point of the whole bible. The laws were put into place to keep order and to keep them in good health. God was their authority. They didn't have laws of the land. The most important part about the laws was that it was to remind them of their dependency of God during their journey. By keeping obedient, they were kept protected and were sustained with clothing, food, and shelter. They also had laws to assist them on how God was to be worshiped. No idols etc., These laws developed their relationship with God. When Jesus died, the Mosiac laws were no longer to be the commandments but Jesus said love for God and love for neighbor would be for it encompassed all the commandments.

  34. Loni Ivanovskis

    From the article, I suspect her motive is to reveal that Christians do, currently, pick and choose which parts of Scripture they emphasize or adhere to. By trying to follow ALL the injunctions in the Bible, she points out that others are not following them. I appreciate your point that not all injunctions are valid to all women at all times; but deciding which are has become a very murky business.

  35. Becca Stowell

    I would rather see a woman or man trying to be a better Christain than watch them try to be like the Kardashiens or another hollywood actor. The bible is a how to guide. God speaks directly to the heart, as long as you try to serve him, and live your life as "a servant unto God, " then no matter what, you are in his will. I have always believed that he speaks to everyone in a diffrent way, with diffrent purposefor everyone. The devil wants people to disagree on things like this, a house divided against itself can not stand. So go ahead and argue semantics, it pleases the devil and his kind.

  36. Anonymous

    Didn't a guy do this same thing a few years ago? It's an interesting trend lately to do something for a year and then write a book about it.

  37. Farice Parton

    That really is the truth. God will not be taking anyone with him that can't even follow his solid written in stone instructions. Or anyone that takes any of his instructions in the wrong contexts. So if you really wanna know what he's telling you to do, you need to throw away that NIV, get a KING James version and a hebrew lexicon and strongs concordence and start looking up what most of those changed words meant before you were born. Shalom.

  38. Farice Parton

    Copied this from another post:
    I had an epiphany regarding the idiom “under the law” in the weirdest of places, a Western Maryland highway. About 7 or 8 years ago, I was traveling with my wife and children from Kentucky back to NJ to spend Thanksgiving with family. I was not too far into Western Maryland from West Virginia when I was pulled over for speeding. I was heading east and coming off a fairly steep mountain and had gained a little too much speed in the process. I was pulled over doing 79 in a 65 and I was guilty. The officer came to my window and asked for my credentials which he received with some lame excuse as to why I was driving as quickly as I was. He left, ran his checks, and came back 5 minutes later with what was surely a ticket worth a couple of points and at least $100. Instead, he gave me a written warning, no ticket, no points, no fine!

    I was guilty under (or according to) the Maryland State traffic laws and deserved the
    points, the fine, and the ticket! However, what the officer extended to me was grace; he showed me unmerited (un-earned) favor. I was no longer guilty under the law. However, the grace he extended to me did not abrogate (revoke) the Maryland State traffic laws. Even though I was given a pass, shown grace, it was still against the law to speed.

    The lesson here should be obvious. We are born into sin, to the degree that it is our nature to sin. We often miss the mark we are aiming at, but, we have been shown grace by a God who through the 2nd Adam, reversed the curse incurred through the sin of the 1st Adam. We no longer have guilt, which is what the idiom “under the law” is dealing with. We are no longer guilty, sin and death no longer reigns over us, we have escaped with a written warning. However, because we are no longer guilty under the law, because we have had un-merited favor extended to us, that does not abrogate the commandments of God, commandments He said were everlasting. It is still a sin to steal, to serve another god, to make idols. It is still a sin to murder, to commit adultery, and yes, forsake the Sabbath. These are everlasting commands given by God to His people. When we come to the God of Israel through the Messiah of Israel, we become a “part of” the family of God. (Eph. 2) And the commandments were given to the family of God as part of an everlasting covenant that is being renewed through the blood of Messiah. We are not under the law, we are no longer guilty, but we are also not licensed to walk in lawlessness (Torahlessness).

    Matthew 7:23 and then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice Torahlessness!' (lawlessness- Greek anomia meaning “without law”)

  39. Holly Catkiss

    sorry, but this is the 21st century… times have changed…. ugh… sorry, but I will NOT submit to anyone much less call no man MASTER… fuck all that… I bow down to NO ONE… PERIOD… END OF STORY…

  40. David Gauthier

    This woman fails to understand that the Old Covenant gave way to the New Covenant with the cross of Jesus Christ. I find her little experiment a veiled mockery of the truth (pardon the pun). Moreover, I wonder how she successfully fulfilled the sacrificial laws of the OT… Fully a third of the 600+ OT commands deal with these. No picking and choosing, eh?

  41. Carrie Cohoon

    LifeWay won't carry the book because of the word "vagina"? Good grief, it's a perfectly legitmate medical term! Why would anyone be offended by it? What do you expect her to call it, wee-wee or something like that? Start living in the real world, people! This is the twenty-first century, here! We can handle it!

  42. Kimberly Raya

    I think it's wonderful that she did this. However, unless one's husband makes enough to support the entire household, it simply isn't feasible for a woman to remove herself from the community while on her cycle. We are living in a different environment today. And carrying around a seat cushion, sleeping in a tent? I still can't embrace the fact that women are supposed to hide in shame if they are on their periods, not even allowed to touch their husbands? Considered impure? I simply don't believe this is God's intent. This came from someone else. He didn't make a woman's body this way for her to turn around and be considered abhorrent.

  43. Roger Hunt

    I agree with you.Throw out all the garbage books that say they are God's word.I will not read anything nor attend any Church that uses anything except the King James version

  44. Anonymous

    (2 Timothy 3:16, 17) All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work. Enough said!

  45. Tami Baker

    Other religions regard their faith as a book of rules, also. All deserve respect.

  46. Anonymous

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  47. Tok Neneng

    Don't take it literally!.. Duh? Of course it's not so applicable today.. But we have to abide and obey and have faith.

  48. Shawn P. Spencer

    Organized religions serve as a way to control the masses. The church has more criminals than the prisons. They will lie, cheat steal and fornication in the name of their God.

  49. Shawn P. Spencer

    Organized religions serve as a way to control the masses. The church has more criminals than the prison system. They will lie, cheat, steal, fornicate and murder in the name of their God.

    Muslims r supposed to be peaceful but will jihad to kill non believes/sinners.

    Catholics will move/hide/protect priest that they know have molested children.

    Christians will scream about Godliness but plot against a coworkers or talk about their neighbors, friends and church members.

    I hope I don't have to be religious to get peace of mind.

  50. Kaila Slattery

    I like this idea. Many people choose to follow one phrase in the Bible and think the others don't count. If it is all really the "word of God" shouldn't it all be followed? That being said, many of the things in there are outdated, and yet in our society today people still follow them. Take for instance same sex relationships/marriage… why deny someone that and think they are sinners when in fact God says to love one another. He doesn't say "hate gays". And yet many god fairing people think they aren't ok the way they are.

  51. Hiroko Nishimura

    According to my Jewish boyfriend, there is no actual "heaven" in Judiasm (where the Old Testament is from). If you are a moral, God obeying person, you can be "closer" to God, but there is no actual heaven. And my World Religions class told me that Christianity brought along the heaven aspect, so anyone before Christianity did not go to heaven, because they did not believe in the Christian God. And people before Christianity who did not commit evil, with the only "sin" being not believing in the Christian God, such as the Greek Philosophers and babies, are stuck in eternal Limbo, between heaven and hell…
    But I'm really rusty and not sure how much of this is me getting things confused with Dante's Inferno, so if anyone actually knows the content, feel free to correct me. So I guess the only population in Heaven are people after death of Christ.

  52. Paula Qualls Gurley

    I know many who think posting your point of view on the internet is a waste of time. As for what she should have been doing… could be doing the same…….and your not.

  53. Melissa Stusinski

    For true context, you should read the Bible in its original language. Then there will be no translation error. Even the King James Version has flaws in that respect.

  54. Corey Nufer

    You know, the saddest part of all this is that christians always throw the bible in people's faces and when someone actually immerses themselves in it, you criticize. Can't you just be happy minding your own business? First, if it's not a book of rules then why are you all trying to pass human laws banning gay marriage? Why are you trying to pass biblical laws into human books at all? Second, Marylin, perhaps you should go live as a Muslim woman, maybe you would learn something about tolerance, hypocrisy, and the plight of other women in the world. You could do that instead of sitting on your self righteous a@@, putting down other people that are actually doing things with their lives.

  55. Corey Nufer

    Christians cannot stand it when somebody states that they do not believe in their religion, so when somebody that is obviously a modern christian woman completely immerses herself in that bible, what happens? Oh, just like I thought, the christians don't like it, so what do you really want? It isn't enough that this person is so interested in the modern christian experience, now she has to say exactly what you think or she wasn't doing it with "pure intentions"?

    Marilyn Willett, Mike Maddalone, Brian Rose, Kimberly Olson, thunder_on_earth_elohim, and Tom NG, you are all hypocrites, troglodytes, and liars.

  56. Corey Nufer

    What can you modern christians not understand about the part in the bible where god gave us all free will? People like you are the real danger in this country.

  57. Corey Nufer

    Can people like you do anything other than complain? Did you read the whole story? Maybe her book? So why are you judging without having any knowledge? What kind of christian criticizes another christian for immersing themselves in the bible? Hypocrite.

  58. Corey Nufer

    Can people like you do anything other than complain? Did you read the whole story? Maybe her book? So why are you judging without having any knowledge? What kind of christian criticizes another christian for immersing themselves in the bible? Hypocrite.

  59. Corey Nufer

    Really? Have you read her entire book? Or even the full article? Oh, and where is she getting the reference for this work? The bible, so you're telling me that the bible isn't christian in nature? Isn't it great when "christians" criticize other christians for immersing themselves in the bible, freaking hypocrites.

  60. Corey Nufer

    Can people like you do anything other than complain? Did you read the whole story? Maybe her book? So why are you judging without having any knowledge? What kind of christian criticizes another christian for immersing themselves in the bible? Hypocrite.

  61. Corey Nufer

    Of course you did, things that make you think are bad for you, you should just stop doing just about everything and seal yourself in a bubble.

  62. David Gauthier

    Actually… Studying the Bible is just about all I do as a pastor. A hypocrite is someone that says one thing, but does another – like wearing a mask. I don't think that's what I'm doing at all. I care more about truth than your opinion – but thanks for offering anyway… I guess. To call oneself a Christian, and then subjugate oneself to the Old Covenant Laws of Moses is biblically excoriated in Acts 15 & Gal 3. However well-intentioned this woman may be, she is misguided… and either leading others to follow the same foolishness, or perhaps worse, mischaracterizing the gospel itself.

  63. Tom NG

    First off, I'm not a Christian. My comments are applicable to any religion. Second, "free will" is, in the biblical context, a matter of people choosing whether or not to do as their God tells them to do. She is "free" to obey her God, as she is trying to do here (at least in play), or disobey her God, as she tacitly admits she was doing before this little game of hers. Her God doesn't physically force her to do as He says. The consequences for disobeying might not come until her final judgment.

    Think of it as similar to how the IRS used to say we have a "voluntary income tax." For self-employed people, at least, it's not forcibly taken from you. But there are consequences to an act of free will, like refusing to pay it.

    So yes, she is "free" to disobey what she believes her God calls for. And her God will judge her accordingly.

  64. Patrick Frye

    Exactly! My wife and I have been teaching a couples group. The whole submission issue is usually thrown out of context because people ignore that this section in Ephesians starts with "Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ." My personal interpretation is that the husband should want what is best for the wife, loving her as his own body, while the wife should abide by and support a decision made while in disagreement. A husband who lords it over his wife is not following the Bible, which is covered in Luke 22:25-27.

  65. Anonymous

    It is also completely amazing how people have figuring out themselves the right point of the Bible/Christianity, and don't pay much attention on the "rules"

  66. Anonymous

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  67. Adam Koehler

    I wonder if she loved God with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loved others as she loved herself. Jesus said those two commandments are the most important, all the law hangs on them.

  68. Michael Cobb

    Corey, I did read the whole story. Rachael used the verse out of context, like I said. I'm not nitpicking here. I think Christian families are important, and Rachael is trying to say that there are no set rules for the role of the wife. But there are.

  69. Tomeka Patterson Campbell

    Bottom line is we all are sinners. Thankful for His grace and forgiveness. However doesn't give one the right to do wrong. Each of us must give account for our good or bad choices.

  70. Adam Koehler

    I'm not saying its easy, it's stinking hard! I struggle w selfishness a lot. But that's why God sent Jesus, to save us from our selfishness and help us be more like him and live/speak the truth in love.

  71. Corey Nufer

    For somebody that is not a christian, you sure seem to act like a christian, speaking in absolutes, i.e. "she literally has no other moral choice", speaking of a god by referring to it as "Him". Whether you are lying about that doesn't matter, no human must blindly obey any "god", as a matter of fact, free will, in the human sense, gives humans the ability to follow whatever path, moral or amoral, religious or not. There are a million moral and amoral choices one could make, it is those like you, those that place absolutes that create zealots and extremists. You may not be a christian, but you sure act like a pompous evangelical.

  72. Corey Nufer

    So you don't think non-religious families are important? That unless you're a christian, you don't deserve the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? You do know that the bible was written by men that lived in a time when they believed the world to be flat, right? So exactly how do you know what the context is supposed to be?

    People like you take everything you read in an outdated book made by man for control over man too literally. One of the original biblical quotes, from the ten commandments is "“You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth." So according to your interpretation, this means that any art depicting god, Jesus, the angels, saints, and anything else that has to do with anything that is in heaven is blasphemy and a violation of that commandment.

    This means that any christian that ever had a graven representation of anything in heaven, or anyone that has died and allegedly gone to your heaven has committed blasphemy in the eyes of your lord. So will you destroy your portraits of Jesus? Will you burn every book that has an etched portrait of god, Jesus, or anyone else? If not, then why do you take anything else from the bible literally? Let's take your very own comment into consideration, am I to understand that you approve of slavery and see it as perfectly fine in the eyes of god? If not, then how do you explain the idea that slave must submit to master? Why even mention it if your god did not condone the malicious enslavement of other men and women?

    My beliefs consist of the ability of man to be good, there is no need for some figure that died for my sins, there is no need for false prophets like yourself to guide me on my path. I can do more good for humanity without the constraints and judgment of other men than I ever could while bound with the chains of organized religion. One does not need the words of kings or ancient men to be righteous, one need not follow the text of a book, nor heed the judgment of "reverends" and "ministers" to live in an altruistic fashion. One needs only self control, clarity in moral values (christians aren't the only people that have moral values), and the power of their own human will to achieve greater acts of good than entire congregations.

    Passing judgment on others based on your religious belief, even when the bible that you quote states "no being shall judge but god", is just plain abhorrent.

  73. Corey Nufer

    So exactly how do you know if she was "mischaracterizing" (not a word) the gospel? Did you read her entire book then? The whole thing, front to back? You are a hypocrite, you preach adherence to the word of god, yet criticize a person for diving in with both feet and attempting to gain a better understanding, that is the definition of hypocrisy. A true Christian would praise the effort made to better understand the word of god without regard to which of your many different versions of the "word of god" they choose. Unfortunately, the world is filled with small "c" christians like you, people that judge first, not realizing that there is no judge but god, then proselytizes and preaches peace and tolerance. "To call oneself a Christian" indeed, one that follows the actual teachings of Jesus would not judge others as you do, you are the ultimate hypocrite.

  74. Corey Nufer

    Really? Were you there when this alleged god said it? I'm pretty sure that a guy with a quill and parchment said that, which, whether from your god or from another man, does not an original thought make.

    Here's a quick lesson on original thought, it is defined as a thought or idea originating and gesticulated from the source. Seeing as though you think god said it, it is impossible for the idea to be an original thought. Here's one from me:

    Trust not in the books or words of man, for man is flawed, and in the christian ideal, if man is flawed, and man was made in god's image, then god is flawed. Instead, trust in the ability of your human nature to do good unto others, trust in your own ability to affect change in your community and awareness when a wrong is committed. If one were to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind", the how are we supposed to love our neighbor, let alone love ourselves?

  75. Tom NG

    "Blindly obey[ing]" is EXACTLY what a person must do with their God. That's the difference between a deity one worships and any other authority or authority figure. We can question human leaders or laws, and sometimes have to go against them because we believe they are wrong. However, we do that by appealing to a Higher Power. The American Founding Fathers did not reject British authority on the basis of personal preference or desire ("free will"), but rather by appealing to an Authority ("our Creator") they believed the British authority was contradicting.

    But we have no such freedom toward our God (deity). That is what makes the Him/Her/It/They–be it as it may (I'm not going to quibble about pronouns here)–our God. God–that is, our God–is THE moral authority for us. We cannot justify acting in rebellion of the ultimate Authority we use to justify rebellion against lower authorities. If ones God tells them to go blow up Israeli schoolchildren, then one must go blow up Israeli schoolchildren (and the rest of us can act to blow that one up first). The one "right," if you will, that we do have "against" our God is the right to change Gods–that is, convert. If we come to believe that whoever or whatever we are worshiping is, when His/Her/Its/Their words are held against them, shown to be "wrong"–that is, not or the true Creator and Judge of the Universe–we have not only the right, but quite likely the DUTY to turn from that God and to the One we believe is that ultimate of ultimate Authorities.

    But that is an all-or-nothing. We cannot rightly claim a God–that is, a specific religiosity–and then reject that God's instructions. That is sheer hypocrisy and faithlessness. There is no authority by which one can say, "Sorry, one I believe to be the true and ultimate Big Guy, you're wrong." To do so is essentially to make yourself your own God (which I suspect is the real agenda of your comment). You can only say, "No, you're not the true Big Guy," or "I'm gonna go worship this other Big Guy"–in which latter case you'd better hope your new God is a lot stronger than your old one.

    You said to me at one point that "it is those like you, those that place absolutes that create zealots and extremists." Obviously your point is to say that attitudes like mine lead to conflict. The truth there is that so long as there are different authorities, there will be conflict. Wars, etc., are simply part of reality. They are part of the nature of mankind. They are part of the situation of the Universe. (Christians, take note that your God acknowledges that there is even "war in Heaven"–Revelation 12.) They WILL happen. Not accepting this only creates impossible hopes which set one up for disappointment, and over-prioritizing "peace" only sets one at a severe disadvantage against an opponent without such a priority. That is reality, and rejecting the absolute authority of the ultimate Authority does nothing to change that.

    I will leave you with this anecdote: I once asked a fellow who was about as close to being a complete atheist that one could be without crossing that line why he was so dogmatic in disagreeing or not accepting even the most basic level of the existence of God. He explained, quite forthrightly, that if he accepted that there was a God, he would lose his "independence." He would be acknowledging the existence of an authority toward which he had no justification or basis to reject. Every other authority he faced, he could–at least in his own mind–disagree with or perhaps disobey (even the military authority under which we both served at the time). But not the authority of (a) God. That fellow, though I disagree with the direction he took, nonetheless understood more about faith and worship than most so-called faithful. There is a lesson in his example for them.

  76. David Gauthier

    In Gal 3:1-3, the apostle Paul rebuked the Gentile Christians for putting themselves back under the Law of Moses, as if that somehow benefited them in any possible way. Back in ch. 1 of that book, Paul even went so far as to say that anyone who pulls such stunts or promotes such distortion with the gospel are "anathema" – literally, "condemned"/"damned." Not my word, Paul's word.

    Sounds kind of harsh! Even "judgmental"!!! And yet, we ARE told to exercise insightful discernment between good & evil, truth & error (cf. 1 Jn 4:1). None of us are in the rightful position to judge someone's eternal destiny – only God is fit for that. But, you are mistaken if you think Christians are not called to "judge" matters of doctrine and practice.

    Oh, by the way, thanks for "judging" me as a "small c" Christian.

    Your response proves that you are not really interested in engaging in fruitful debate. So, consider this your last little pearl I'll toss your way. (cf. Matt 7:6. – Yeah, Jesus said that.)

    Also see link:

    Good Day! :)

  77. Michael Cobb

    Corey, you're just teeing off on me–and then saying I'm doing that to someone else. I haven't said anything in judgment of Rachel–only in judgment of what she is saying. She is not accurately representing what the Bible says, and I pointed that out.

    As for non-Christian families, the Bible doesn't really have any instructions on how they should be–other than that they should become Christian ones. Yes, non-Christian families are important, but they have much worse problems than confused gender roles.

    As for me being a false prophet, I wasn't prophesying or coming up with any new revelation. I was only pointing out what a Book really said.

    If I were to spread inaccurate information about what you believed, you would point out that I did. Well, Rachel is spreading inaccurate information about what the writers of the Bible said, and I'm pointing that out.

  78. Michael Cobb

    And, Corey, you've got the image thing wrong. God forbid the making of images for the purpose of worshiping them. But He also told Moses to make images of cherubim, pomegranates, and a serpent. God is not against picture-taking or sketching or sculpting.

  79. Farice Parton

    This is nothing like Muslim women, Modesty in clothes is out of respect for God, husband and self. Being submissive to your husband is following God's guidelines for Wives as is it for husbands to simply Love their wives. These two things are not very hard to do for either in a faith bases relationship. It does not mean be completely quiet and never say a word, It just means sometimes quiet is good. We as women tend to have to have the last word, well if a husband tells his wife to do something that the wife thinks is wrong, she is suppose to be quiet and do it for God has told her to do what her husband asked. God will punish the husband for telling his wife to do wrong. That is where the free will of the husband came in and he had his wife do something that was not of God and not to her liking.

    Ephesians 5:25
    Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her,

    1 Peter 3:7
    Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.

    The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."
    (Genesis 2:18)

    Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you. (Genesis 3:16)

    Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. (1 Corinthians 11:3)

    Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything. (Ephesians 5:24)

    Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. (Ephesians 5:22)

    Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. (Colossians 3:18)

  80. Farice Parton

    Ok, wow, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is an American thing, not a christian family or a non- christian family thing. Under God faith based families have all three of those already.

  81. Corey Nufer

    Michael Cobb So you're not judging the woman, you're judging what the woman did and said? How is that not standing in judgment of another person? How else do you know the content of a person's character without assessing their actions and beliefs?

    Is there no room in the bible for interpretation? If not, why have Seminary? If not, how do you explain the different interpretations of your bible, even by different churches of the same denomination? So how can she be misrepresenting what the writers of the bible meant if there are multiple interpretations, printed several hundred years apart? How can you possibly know exactly what is meant when you have no way of asking the authors?

    My point, with the graven image deal is that anything in the bible can be personally interpreted to mean one thing or another. I never said that making the pictures of Jesus, or making a crucifix was against it, I was saying that using those images in worship is against what your bible states is the will of god. I could have been clearer in that statement, so I apologize for the confusion. Also, it is impossible for me to be wrong about the "image thing", I was using it as an example to show that any interpretation can be made, yet assuming that yours is the right one is foolish, as is your criticism of this woman's interpretation. I suggest you read the entire book with an air of open mindedness so you can perhaps understand and appreciate that others have different ways of connecting with their spirituality. In my interpretation, you are acting as though you believe to know better than others on what the bible means, yet your god created this woman and gave her the inspiration to follow this path, who are you to question your god? The fact is that you have no possible means of gleaning exactly what your god believes the role of a wife to be in any family, you are only interpreting the word of man and have no way of speaking to your god. Technically, the biblical interpretation of the christian family was concocted in a time of danger and tumult, those things were most likely written to promote the general health and safety of individuals, i.e. it is safer to stay in groups.

    Unfortunately, I have realized that any single attempt to get a christian to acknowledge the possibility of my making a valid point is destined for failure. Your people preach "faith in god" where I suggest faith in yourself is of more importance, they preach peace and understanding, yet ostracize members of the community, condemn others, and outright demonize yet more for not following your every belief. The hypocrisy is self evident, violence is committed, insults are thrown like daggers, yet christians still claim to be righteous and just. Where are the teachings of your Jesus? Why will you not treat others as you wish to be treated, nor love thy neighbor as you love thyself? I can tell you why, because power corrupts, believing that you have the only true information in the world can give you a hell of a power trip. It is so much easier to stand in judgment of another than try to see through the eyes of that person.

    If you consider attempting to make a valid philosophical argument and displaying my ideas and beliefs in an unfiltered, unapologetic fashion to be "teeing off" on you, then you were very wrong. My intent is to spur your thought process, to make evident to you the fact that in accusing this woman of misrepresenting the bible, you are doing the same. To show you that your interpretation of your good book is just as flawed, if not more so than this woman's. If you cannot accept a philosophical argument for what it is, I suggest that you do not attempt to lead any kind of congregation, you will do more harm than good.

  82. Corey Nufer

    Tom NG First of all, the American Revolution was not about "The British going against god", it was about no taxation without representation, it was about free will and liberty. If you do not understand that, then we were looking at two completely different textbooks. Your antiquated interpretation of religion is the type of absolute that causes mass genocide, inquisitions, and concentration camps. You speak of not being able to accept a god without following their instructions, yet I defy you to show me exactly where the proof is that proves the Bible, Qur'an , Torah, or any other text is actually the word of god and not a guidebook written by the leaders of man to maintain order.

    Any man that claims to know what any god wants does so only for the sake of control and power. Your zealous interpretation of the duty one has to religion is exactly the type of maliciously totalitarian philosophy that has spurred man to enslave man for thousands of years.

  83. Tom NG

    I made no such claim about the American Revolution. My interpretation of religion is based on the premise that the holder of a given faith believes it does in truth come from (a) God. The point is that THIS LADY believes it is the word of her God.

    She, not I, am the one who claims to know what God wants (at least, to such degree as she is taking it) here. I am not pushing any claims like that, but simply pointing out that if she is to hold to her conscience, she must hold to what she believes.

  84. Michael Cobb

    Corey, I didn't judge what Rachel did, but I do judge what she said, and the apostles in the New Testament actually encouraged us to judge the messages that people present to the Church. What I wrote in response to the story was really aimed at the Church and was for their sake.

    Corey, I don't mean this in a condescending way, but anyone who reads the things that you write will see that there is a lot of torment inside you. Jesus can do a lot about that. Otherwise, I think you're just stuck with it.

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