Lindsay Lohan and the Chateau Marmont Bill

Is This The Real Reason Lindsay Lohan Agreed To Talk With Barbara Walters?

The real reason Lindsay Lohan is sitting down with Barbara Walters to promote her upcoming Lifetime film Liz & Dick may not have anything to do with a desire to promote her “comeback role” but may be inspired by her need to pay her bills.

As previously reported in The Inquistr, Lohan will sit down with Walters in the days before the November 25 premiere of Liz & Dick to talk about the film. However, according to Radar Online the embattled star may have had no choice when she agreed to the interview.

Citing those pesky and elusive “unnamed sources” that always seem to have the best dirt, Radar claims it was previously in Lohan’s contract that she wouldn’t do any press before the film’s premiere. Most insiders agree this is probably to avoid any questions about her personal life, most notably her recent and very public physical fight with her mother Dina.

But then that old Chateau Marmont bill came back to haunt her. The star reportedly owed the hotel a whopping $46,000 for an extended stay and had been banned from the hotel for failure to pay her bill. However the ban’s now been lifted, since Lohan apparently agreed to do the interview with Walters in exchange for Liz & Dick producers paying it for her.

If Lindsay’s hoping for a softball interview from the veteran journalist she may be disappointed. According to Radar’s source: “The producers picked Walters for the interview, not Lindsay… There will be no questions that are off limits and expect Walters to grill Lindsay about her personal life, recent arrest, and fight with her mother Dina… Lindsay wasn’t happy about it, but realized that she was stuck and agreed to do it.”

Now that Lindsay Lohan has agreed to speak with Barbara Walters to promote Liz & Dick in exchange for the film’s producers paying her bill at Chateau Marmont she’s already taking full advantage of her new “un-banned” status, appearing at the famed hotel this past Thursday with friends for some late night tea and salads. Yes, you read that last part correctly.

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