McDonald's McRib

Quizno’s CEO Disses The McRib Sandwich

The new CEO of Quizno’s has decided to pick a fight with the big boy on the block. The McDonald’s McRib is one of the most popular sandwiches, basically, ever. The highly processed chunk of pork smothered in BBQ sauce is waited on all year until its release by cult fans all over the country. Yet Quizno’s new CEO Stewart Mathis decided to criticize the beloved McRib in an interview with the Nation’s Restaurant News.

Mathis is going to learn the hard way that he is not at UPS any more and if you want to talk smack, stay away from talking smack about the McRib.

Mathis said of the iconic sandwich:

“It’s not a great sandwich, in my view,”

The McRib is such a popular phenomena that there is a website set up so fans can locate the closest McDonald’s that has a McRib sandwich. When Advertising Age, the company that handles McDonald’s advertising, leaked a memo revealing when the world can expect to see the McRib at all McDonald’s restaurants an Internet uproar commenced.

This is a point that even Peter McGuinness, CEO of DDB Chicago, the agency behind McDonald’s marketing, admits is true. The masterful success of the McRib is due in large part to the fact that you can’t get it all the time.

The only props that Mathis gave to the McRib is the “masterful:” way in which it has been marketed. He said he hopes he can emulate its success as he attempts to bring Quizno’s back from bankruptcy and make it solvent again. He is going to need something better than mmmmm…Toasty.