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‘The Division’ Team Talks Low World Tier Clear Sky Farming, Announces Enemy Armor Damage Coming To PvP In State Of The Game

During today’s three-hour maintenance, developers of The Division gathered for the weekly state of the game stream. Today’s maintenance simply restarted and cleaned up the servers according to the official forums, but the game’s community developers still answered a few questions and provided a little insight on the 1.5 update in the meantime.

This week’s state of the game, which can be viewed on The Division game’s official Twitch channel, focused on what players can expect from the 1.5 update. As usual, the developer did not reveal anything about Survival, but several known issues and other upcoming features were discussed during the stream.

First, the popular Phoenix Credit farming method of World Tier four players dropping their map to World Tier two in order to finish Clear Sky was noted. The team stated that they do not consider this an exploit, but it will likely be adjusted in a future patch. Right now, the rewards for completing missions like this are the same in lower World Tiers as they are in the highest tier making it quite easy for geared players to rush through essentially easier versions of the Incursion. This will be changed in an upcoming patch but players are free to farm this way until it is changed.

The Division
World Tiers affect the entire map by adjusting enemy levels. [Image via Ubisoft]

Next, the team started listing upcoming fixes in the next major update. Patch 1.5 is planned to address PvP shotgun damage by adjusting the aim assist feature, allow Xbox One players to re-enable their voice chat by properly fixing the stutter issue on the system, and correct the stash lag currently occurring after the 1.4 update. A stash size increase, healing delay, and the invincibility from Survival Link will also be addressed in the future.

In addition to fixes and changes for the 1.5 update, the team also talked about the public test server. It is planned to open again, however, console players are still unlikely to see a console public test server before 1.5. One feature PC testers will see is the application of bonus damage to enemy armor in player-versus-player.

The Division
Bonus damage to a player’s armor may come with the 1.5 update. [Image via Ubisoft]

Currently, assault rifles and the Destructive talent provide no added benefit in PvP combat even though they increase the damage an enemy takes to their armor. The team is looking to make all weapon types viable in both PvE and PvP and this is an example of working toward that end. Developers want to use the public test server to try out the new feature as well as others. In fact, the developers indicated this might mean something for the staggering ability in PvP as well.

Last week’s state of the game address touched on these issues and a few more. The Division team is planning to continue testing on the public test server and they are still working to bring the testing environment to consoles. As the Inquisitr reported, the developers want feedback from console players even if a public test server never opens on those platforms. Console players are encouraged to check out the official forums and post their feedback in the “Suggestions and Feedback” section. Reaching out to the developers on the game’s official Twitter account is also applicable.

With 1.4 out on all platforms and the team continuing to work on the game’s overall health, players and developers are looking forward to the release of 1.5. Patch 1.5 will likely include many more bug fixes, feature tweaks, and the next paid piece of downloadable content. The DLC, entitled Survival, was supposed to be a part of the 1.4 when the team decided to focus on improving the game before adding more content. Like Underground before it, Survival will be available first to PC and Xbox One players with a release one month later on PlayStation 4. There is no release date for that particular DLC for The Division at this time.

[Featured Image via Ubisoft]