Derek Jeter Seeing Top Ankle Surgeon

Derek Jeter Made Right Choice In Ankle Doctor, Says NFL Stars

New York Yankees fans were stunned this past week when Derek Jeter broke his ankle during a playoff appearance; now two NFL superstars tell TMZ that Jeter made the right choice in trusting his injury to Dr. Robert Anderson.

Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub who used Dr. Anderson to repair displaced bones in his right foot says:

“Jeter is in great hands … Dr. Anderson is the best in the business at what he does.”

Schaub even admits that the recovery time he was told to expect went faster than scheduled because of the doctors excellent work.

Also voicing his support for Dr. Robert Anderson is New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw who said of the doctors work:

“I had the greatest experience … his staff around him is top of the line … but to have the best doctor in the world, it’s even more comforting.”

How badly Derek Jeter was injured is still not know; while he is definitely out for the season, it is still not clear if he will actually require surgery to repair his broken ankle.

Speaking about Dr. Anderson’s track record, Dr. Lewis Maharam, past president of the New York Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine, tells the NY Daily News:

“People fly to (Anderson) from all over the country. Jeter is going to the real deal.”

The extent to which ankle bones break determine the need for surgery. The New York Yankees have not yet revealed if Derek Jeter’s ankle bones have been displaced or if torn ligaments have been discovered.