NHL Puts 50/50 Revenue Offer On The Table

The NHL put a new offer on the table today that would give NHL players a 50/50 split of all hockey related revenue with the hopes of salvaging the 2012-2013 season.

The NHL has already canceled all of its pre-season games. The 2012 season was scheduled for October 11 but has been delayed due to the labor dispute.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said:

“We very much want to preserve a full 82-game season, and in that light, we made a proposal, an offer, really. It is our best shot at preserving an 82-game regular season and playoffs, and this offer that we made obviously was contingent upon having an 82-game regular season.”

Bettman said that there will be a full NHL season if the lockout ends by November 2.

Bettman said:

“We believe that this was a fair offer for a long-term deal, and it’s one that we hope gets a positive reaction so that we can drop the puck on Nov. 2 — which backing up, entails at least a one-week training camp. So we have about nine or 10 days to get this all put to bed, signed, sealed and delivered, in order for this offer to be effective and for us to move forward.”

Don Fehr, executive director of the NHLPA, didn’t comment on the proposal but did say that a conference call was being held today for player’s to “wade through” the new deal.

Fehr said:

“It’s not short and there are some explanatory documents we have to wade through. We have to make sure we read it completely and thoroughly, that we understand it. I would like to believe that after we’re done with this (review) that it will be an excellent starting point to see if there’s a deal to be made.”

Do you think the 2012-13 season will start on November 2?