Rapper Bizzle killed outside of carwash

Miami Rapper Bizzle Killed In Liberty City [Video]

Miami rapper Bizzle was killed in a shooting outside a carwash in Liberty City, Florida Monday night, the Huffington Post reports.

The rapper, whose real name is Robert Labranche, was shot near Ben & Ben’s Car Wash at Northwest 54th Street and 7th Court around 8 pm. Two of his children were inside his car at the time, but did not witness the shooting. Neither of the children were harmed during the incident.

Labranche’s last Instagram post before his death was a photo with the caption, “I know if anything was to happen to me, my kids straight.”

A crowd of at least 100 people gathered at the spot where the shooting took place, forcing police to call for backup. Police had to use force when two of Labranche’s family members crossed the crime tape while forensic investigators were going over the scene. The two were later released.

Miami Police Department spokesman Willie Moreno said, “Emotions are very, very high. This is someone that was definitely loved not just by his family, but by his community.”

Resident Rod Parker said, “He would not let you starve. He would not leave you in the street. If you asked him for something, he would try his best to do whatever he can for you – I mean for everybody.”

Investigators said Labranche got into an argument with another man at the car wash before he was shot. Police said they were searching for a black male in his 20s who fled the scene wearing all black. So far, there are no suspects in custody.

Parker, who described himself as a friend of Labranche’s said, “All I ask is whoever did it, they gotta turn themselves in.”