NFL Power Rankings: Falcons On Top, Patriots Fall

NFL Power Rankings: Falcons On Top, Patriots Fall

NFL Power Rankings are out Tuesday, and the league’s last remaining unbeaten team stands at the top of the list.

The Atlanta Falcons may have had some difficulty in beating the Oakland Raiders, but were able to hold on and remain in the top spot in pretty much all NFL Power Rankings released Tuesday.

The Yahoo! Sports blog Shutdown Corner noted that there isn’t agreement over whether the Falcons are truly the best team, but their perfect record affords them the top spot:

There are those who point to the Falcons’ record of 6-0 and believe they’re the best team in football. There are also those who think they’re overrated and point to their struggles against Carolina and Washington, and now this week’s slopfest against Oakland. Which group is right? The former. Power rankings do not lie.

The Falcons also sit atop the ESPN rankings. The list noted that “(t)he resourceful Falcons keep finding ways to win even without playing their best.”

After the top spot is where the lists begin to differ. ESPN puts the 4-1 Houston Texans second, despite being blown out by the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football. Shutdown Corner gives the slot instead to the New York Giants, which handled the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. The New York Daily News put the 4-1 Baltimore Ravens second, followed by the Texans and Giants.

All NFL Power Rankings saw a dropoff for the Patriots, which entered the season with Super Bowl expectations but have stumbled to a 3-3 record. On Sunday that Patriots lost to the Seattle Seahawks after blowing a 13 point fourth-quarter lead.

Here are the complete NFL Power Rankings from ESPN, Shutdown Corner, and the New York Daily News.