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Bookstore Labels Lance Armstrong Memoir As Fiction [Photo]

Lance Armstrong Fiction

A bookstore recently decided to move Lance Armstrong’s memoir Every Second Counts to the fiction section of their establishment. In an image posted to Reddit, the book has been given a new “FICTION” stick along with a price tag that haunts the nightmares of every author on the planet. If you’re keen on picking up a copy of the tome, you can do so for only one pound.

Lance Armstrong, fallen hero to countless individuals across the planet, has come under fire after the doping investigation proved that a number of his wins were accomplished while taking performance-enhancing drugs. Since a lot of people view the cyclist as a liar and a fraud, it’s not surprising that his memoir has been relabeled and moved to an area more fitting to its content.

Although he won the Tour De France seven times over the course of his career, the US Anti-Doping Agency isn’t overly impressed with Armstrong’s accomplishments. According to the Guardian, the report essentially destroys the cyclist’s credibility, describing the guy as a “serial cheater.” To make matters worse, Armstrong has been accused to committing perjury and intimidating a witness.

The report also takes issue with the 2005 court case which found Lance Armstrong proclaiming his innocence regarding various doping allegations and the professional relationship he had with Italian doctor Michele Ferrari. Given that the cyclist has been accused to lying the the courts, it’s not surprising that many would view his memoir as nothing more than fiction.

“As demonstrated by the testimony of numerous witnesses in this case, each of the above statements made under oath and subject to the penalties of perjury were materially false and misleading when made,” the report explained.

Although moving Lance Armstrong’s memoir to the fiction section is thought to be a joke perpetrated by chuckling bookstore employees, chances are other disgruntled fans may follow suit. Do you agree that the cyclist’s book should be considered a work of fiction?

Lance Armstrong Autobiography

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2 Responses to “Bookstore Labels Lance Armstrong Memoir As Fiction [Photo]”

  1. Daniel Thomas

    It seems unbelievable that Armstrong could have gotten away with it for so long without some help from the "inside". So, to direct all the wrath at him alone does seem to be a little short-sighted. Rather than relabelling his books, perhaps they should have a full enquiry into exactly who knew what and when so that blame can be correctly apportioned.

    Even though cheating is wrong in a perfect world, Armstrong was trying to compete in a sport already riddled with drug cheats. So, to achieve what he did (even with the help of drugs) is still an amazing thing. Undoubtedly, videos of him like the one at will damage the image of cycling. You can't help wondering how many cyclists are still at it today…

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