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WWE News: Longtime Superstar And Former Champion Comments On The Future Of The Undertaker

The phenom known as The Undertaker hasn’t been seen in months and many people actually believe that he is in the worst shape of his life and may never wrestle again. He’s a legend in WWE and one that won’t just go away without a fight, but is he truly done? Well, a former champion and longtime superstar has spoken out on the status of the “Dead Man,” and it’s interesting to see just what the Big Show thinks about Taker’s future.

Big Show is a veteran of WWE and of the professional wrestling world, and he knows quite a bit about how things work and what goes on. He has had battles and waged war with The Undertaker on numerous occasions, and he knows that a lot of people want to see the icon back in the ring.

wwe news big show the undertaker future retire
[Image by WWE]

Digital Spy caught up with Big Show as he was preparing for a WWE Live event in London and asked if he thought that the world had seen the last of The Undertaker.

“No, I don’t think Taker’s story is done. Taker’s one of those amazing, iconic characters that has built WWE and stood by WWE through thick and thin times. He’s one of the guys that never jumped ship back in the day.”

Big Show went on to say that he doesn’t believe “The Streak” of The Undertaker should have ended at the hands of Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX. He knows that everyone has to lose at some point or another, but he just doesn’t feel as if it was time for that legendary run to end.

“I think as long as Taker feels healthy enough and feels good enough to go out there he will. And I’m okay with seeing Taker on special events, because Taker is the ultimate attraction.”

There has been a great deal of concern regarding The Undertaker in the past couple of months, and people think his career may be over. Earlier this month, an image started circulating on social media that showed him in a coffee shop which was fine, but he happened to be on crutches.

A lot of things got blown out of proportion, but The Undertaker did recently have hip surgery, and that is the reason he was on crutches.

Sure, he may look bad, but he just had surgery, and he’s not currently on camera. The guy is relaxed and taking it easy while healing and being out of the ring.

The thing is, many people may underestimate The Undertaker, and that’s just hard to comprehend as he has beaten the odds so many times before. Despite the recent pics of him on crutches, the official website of WWE ran a story and pics of The Undertaker attending the season opener for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

wwe news big show the undertaker future retire
[Image by WWE]

Looks pretty good, doesn’t he?

Rolling Stone reported that The Undertaker showed up at the opener for the Cavs due to LeBron James wearing an Undertaker t-shirt at NBA Finals practice last season. From that point on, the Cavs made a monster comeback from a 3-1 deficit, won three in a row, and took the championship.

Apparently, this has led to a mutual respect between James and the Undertaker. With that being said and the look of the “Dead Man” at the game, it certainly doesn’t seem as if his time in the famous wrestling persona is done.

Big Show knows that time is coming, though, and he urges everyone to take any chance to see The Undertaker in person.

“So I’m still a fan too. Nothing lasts forever. Taker’s not going to last forever, I’m not going to last forever, Kane’s not going to last forever.

“It’s a changing of the guard but I think any time the fans get a chance to see Undertaker it’s very special and they should definitely seize the opportunity.”

Big Show has been around the world of professional wrestling to know a lot of things and a lot of people. Sure, his comments may not be the end-all-be-all on the future of The Undertaker, but it seems like a positive sign for fans of the “Dead Man.” Big Show is of the firm belief that Taker is going to return because wrestling is simply what he does and that he’ll be back before too long.

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