Tom Hanks or Bill Murray in photo: Internet argues over who it is

Tom Hanks Or Bill Murray? Internet Photo Is The New ‘Dress’

A new photo to hit Facebook features either Tom Hanks or Bill Murray appearing to cry, and it’s difficult to tell which one it is aside from the caption. When the photo was posted in the Reasons My Son Is Crying group, it sparked a phenomenon equal to the infamous dress from before.

You know the dress. The internet took to trying to determine if it was white and gold, or blue and black, and the argument raged on.

The new photo features a celebrity appearing to mimic a crying child while wearing what appears to be an orange raincoat and what looks like a hood. This appears similar to Bill Murray’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, though not quite the same hat. Tom Hanks may have worn a coat like that on the set of Cast Away, where he had been stranded on an island after his plane crashed into the ocean, similar to the beginning of Lost.

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There is a well-known fact that celebrities often look like others with the right facial expression, hairstyle, or makeup. Sometimes it’s a high-speed effect like the one which made Charlie Sheen look like Dan Aykroyd in Terminal Velocity. The Simpsons had poked fun at the effect when Homer and Barney were competing to go into space, and Homer turns into Popeye saying “I can’t stands no more!”

In two different movies recently, celebrities played the role of Steve Jobs. Lindsay Lohan played Marilyn Monroe. Anthony Hopkins played Adolph Hitler. Jim Carrey played Andy Kaufman. It happens all of the time when actors are dead and there is a movie about their life.

Still at other times, celebrities often look like others unintentionally. When Arnold Schwarzenegger made his comeback to film after being the Governor of California, he made a film called Sabotage, in which his hairstyle makes him occasionally look a little like Tom Hanks.

It seems some people end up looking like Tom Hanks when they get older.

Originally posted in 2013, the photo of Tom Hanks (or Bill Murray) appears to be gaining traction and going viral. With the orange raincoat, we can’t see his hair, which would be an instant giveaway. When the photo was posted, people began arguing that it was the Bosom Buddies costar instead of the Groundhog Day star.

“It’s Tom Hanks. Bill Murray would be wearing a Cubs jersey.”

“I would have sworn that this is Tom Hanks. I can’t see Bill Murray in this face at all. Wow.”

Several other comments claim it’s obvious that it’s Bill Murray.

“Since Hanks was appearing on Broadway in May 2013, it might have been difficult for him to be in two places.”

“Absolutely Not Tom Hanks. Tom’s Anti Helix and Anti Tragus are markedly different than those shown in this photo, My vote is this is Bill Murray.”

One comment in particular gave absolute evidence that it was indeed Bill Murray in the photo, with a link to Grads Blog UK. “For anyone still wondering, St Andrews, Bill Murray…”

One claimed that Bill Murray is just a better person to meet than Tom Hanks, and the child is crying because it’s not Bill. Another comment claimed that Bill Murray is a bit of a jerk in person, and that is why the child is crying.

The person who wrote the blog post above claims there was a golf course nearby when she met Bill Murray, noting the orange traffic-cone-like hat and The Life Aquatic, so it seems the argument is settled.

The person in the photo is not Tom Hanks. It’s Bill Murray in Scotland.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images, Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images]